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Starfigter daily challange (On your call) bugged

So DICE is it that hard to release something without bugs?

Again a challange which is buggy.

It says, complete 5 rounds of starfighter assault.

I completed exactly 5 consecutive rounds without leaving to the menü and it says in the progression "1/5"

Well done ...well done!


  • I have done again 2 rounds, and it still says
  • Nihil
    208 posts Member
    edited December 2017
    Also the "Obliterate the annyoance" achivement seems to have issues.

    Despite it's impossible to track how many starfighters you have destroyed already whit which starfighter class, I just noticed, I had a state with 22/60

    I jumped into new games and picked a bomber because I'm sure that I have all the kills with fighters (and didn't played interceptors.

    I had an ellimination with 17 ships in that short round and 8 kills.
    But after that game, it was still 22/60

    EDIT: After game restart, the achivement milestone jumped up to 40/60, meaning that this part should be o.k now.

    But the On your call is still on 2/5
  • My game is doing the same thing, I played 5 games with all 3 ships and my progress is 2/60 kills and 0/5 games played. I even restarted it and no change.
  • Not just that, every single milestone wont work. Progression tracking is bugged to hell atm :)
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