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Help with Multiplayer Vs. Arcade feel issues

I've observed that in arcade mode, I can aim way more consistently with same weapons. I can dodge more naturally. This is NOT a post about skill, I'm saying there is a resistant sticky feel to MP compared to when I play arcade, and it greatly inhibits performance. Sure feels like online vs offline lag or something. That said, I don't see any glitches or obvious signs of lag otherwise.

What it feels like is when you have your mouse on the wrong surface, and you expect a movement to be immediate or sharper, but either the motion is sluggish, or doesn't happen as you move the mouse. (It isn't my razor mouse, works great on other games same internet).

Example - when being hit by 1-2 bolts in MP, it doesn't look like lag, but my character isn't able respond sharply, move or dodge. It prevents dodge or adaptation. So I die, over and over. Doesn't happen in arcade. When getting shot in ARC mode, getting hit a few times still allows immediate side dodge or jump as you'd expect. The stickiness isn't there.

I will definitely try a wired connection, but I play SC2 and never had lag issues on my wifi ever. Different company, different type of game, different servers. It could be my computer or setup somehow, but I can't figure it out. Is it possible to run Arcade smooth as butter, but not MP? Is lag that bad for everyone? I don't think it is. I did play the console version a ton and it was massively better, so I think this all suggests internet connection or maybe the load is much harder on my system in MP.

I realize this might be any number of things I am trouble shooting, just wondering if anyone solved this same issue. Did you get results with wired ethernet? Did you use different PC all together and it was fine?

It's probably just lag from my end and I'm being a noob about it. I run SC2 on Ultra on my machine and have zero issues, but maybe asking everyone to be Blizzard is a false hope.


  • I'll reply to my own post - I have gone ethernet, and defensive moves work now. It was some lag I think. HOWEVER - I am still struggling to have the same head shot accuracy I have in arcade with MP. Are these designed differently? Does anyone know? I can HS easily in arcade on same sensitivity settings. I get all confident about my aim. Then I go into MP and it's like the rules are different for the same weapon. It's really frustrating.

    I like the learning curve, but even at shoulder, I'm no where near as good at HS as I am in arcade. So odd.
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