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Specialist Frontline Build

This underrated (3) card Build for frontlines work which has the ability to shut down try-hard servers after a few runs in my experiences.
ALTHOUGH it does require your team to actually try , which for some servers is just nigh impossible.

While I agree the Specialist is the most squishy class to play . Often leading to insta-no-time-to-counter-deaths that put me into rage mode. (DICE please maybe a health buff ability for specialists)

Even with this build I encounter certain levels of RAGE playing specialist on the Frontlines.
But I digress I've been trying to get out of my "Officer Only" own-age class and trying different builds.

I've had great success with this Frontlines build if you REALLY , REALLY wanna win GA. It's also just a really fun build win or lose.

It's a FRONTLINES build meant for tagging enemies on the mini-map for the entire team to see. With one card really the main star of this FRONTLINES build and that's the "Scramble Infiltration" card . EPIC tier

This card scrambles the mini map against everyone in your vicinity within 14 meters (epic tier) and MARKS all enemies for your team on the mini-map within that same radius. (even the blue card is good at 12)

Along with that card I equip "Resourceful" Card (abilities recharge) and "Personal Shield" (the little bubble shield) all (3) cards in epic tier.

While the personal shield is still a tad squishy with a little finesse you can know when to dive roll out of the way to give you just that little bit of extra health so you have more time to keep you alive.

This build has a learning curve but I've gone 0 deaths on some maps playing specialist on the FRONTLINES , which IMO is a small miracle with the ever so squishy Specialist.

0 deaths on FRONTLINES !!! RARE unicorn of death

Use whatever gun you're comfortable with , this build is primarily for "marking enemies on the mini-map" for you entire team to win GA.

I use the IQA-11 with cooldown and boltspeed if it matters.

I've helped shut down try-hard servers using this (3) card build as you can see anyone anywhere hiding in any nook and corner.

Basically I pop Scramble , run in look at mini map for enemy locations , engage a flank or pop shield run away , wait for scramble to come back , rinse repeat. (HOPEFULLY my team looks at their mini-map and eliminates)

As long as you're not being shot , the bubble is infinitely on , so you can retreat , take a breather , wait for scramble to come back , turn off your bubble , pop scramble and run back in.

The scrambler gun is a tad weak compared to the insta-gib Vanguard for the assault , but with a little finesse the scrambler burst is ok (meh kind not-really) , but again I stress this build is more about staying alive on the frontlines using the "Scramble Infiltration" card in union with the "personal shield" card to mark enemies.

While shield is active you can retreat and wait for scramble to recharge , pop shield off , hit scrambler and mark enemies again.

You're not using the binoculars to mark enemies , as it's disabled when you equip shield ability ,the "Scramble infiltration" card is the star here along with personal bubble shield.

Shield makes you less squishy so you can get out of dodge , retreat back a little from frontlines , then run back in when scramble is back.

You're not gonna finish 1st place with this build but you WILL WIN GA more often than not , because you're marking the entire enemy team within your scramble radius (again this is a FRONTLINES build) so staying up close pop scramble , shoot a few enemies , hopefully not getting insta wrecked , then retreat just a little ,pop shield if you get surprised , wait for scramble to come back and then back to frontlines.

MARKING everyone on the mini map is HUGE and gives other players confidence to run into objectives.
Oddly enough this build works great attacking/defending the hill because of the small objective area it marks EVERYONE near the objective.

I'm usually the first guy on objectives pushing the team in as a SPECIALIST ?!! You're like a UNICORN a rare majestic being .

I pop scramble I see only 1-2 red blips on an objective mini map that gives me confidence to run right in , after all you can see everyone on the mini-map and the path is clear . Sometimes my entire team is waiting back (maybe from one pesky sentry spammer) I run in they see me run in and follow.

Basically you're a mobile enemy scanner , your goal is to stay alive and use the "scramble infiltration" card over and over .

As a bonus you can pop "scramble" and then pop you're "personal shield" and run in . You won't be able to shoot , BUT you will have the added protection of the shield running in with your "scramble infiltration" card active on at the same time.

But you can't pop shield THEN infiltration so keep that in mind.

This build is fun , you'll likely die a ton using it at first but get used to the timing of the abilities the recharge rates ,etc.

Learn good flank routes and stay close to the frontlines and you'll soon see try-hard servers get shut down because your team can see everyone on the their mini-map in your vicinity.
14 meters on EPIC tier , which is a large radius in this game it can mark an entire objective area. I think the unit of measurement is meters? I could be wrong .

It says 10, 11, 12, and then 14 for EPIC tier radius .

So instead of sitting back and just sniping , run right into FRONTLINES with this build and win GA more often than not.

I RARELY get scrambled myself from the enemy team since most Specialists players sit back and not entirely their own fault , Specialist IMO are a tad too squishy ATM.

I've struggled finding a true niche for this class BUT this FRONTLINES build has the option of turning losing servers into winning ones, mostly because YOU'RE MARKING enemies on the mini-map on the FRONTLINES which is HUGE and gives your team confidence running in knowing exactly where all the enemy players are camping and or hiding on an objective.

You'll likely finish in the middle lower portion on the screen at end game but you will more often than not be on the winning side. The Specialist IMO is still way too squishy though and even with this build I die a lot , like waaay too much . Sure I get the no death games every now and then on the Frontlines , but still WAY TOO SQUISHY IMO.
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