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I will respectfully criticize in hopes of giving valuable feedback. I'm disappointed in the apparent lack of effort by dice and ea. I get you guys haven't dropped the ball and gave up on the game but that's how a lot of the players are feeling. A pink Vader would violate canon and no one wants that anyway. There are a hundred different skins I can think of off the top of my head. Such as Pilot Luke, a new hope leia, hoth Han, red robes Palpatine, iden without a helmet, stormtrooper Han and Luke. None of those violate Canon. I mean come on we have Rey vs maul. You can't add those skins and plenty of other Canon ones? We don't have skins for regular infantry either. I was expecting these things to release along with the last Jedi dlc and that never happened. My fingers are still crossed this will happen soon. A lot of people are losing their faith in the game. Hopefully something is done before it's too late.


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