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Mobile and Supercharged Sentry active times need switching.

Why does the mobile sentry get the debuff of reduced damage to compensate for the extra movement speed but also has an extremely short time in comparison to the Supercharge that has fairly normal movement speed and average active time in addition to extreme damage from being an explosive round minigun? This absolutely needs fixing as right now, there is literally no reason to use the mobile version since you'd have it for about 2 seconds total each use anyway.


  • Mobile Sentry allows you to move around without depleting the duration of the timer. The only thing that depletes the timer is if you actively fire the Sentry. I haven’t even noticed a perceivable difference in movement speed so it doesn’t quite live up to its name. Mobile Sentry can be activated ahead of time, allowing you to move to a location with Sentry already out without worrying about it being wasted.

    Supercharged Sentry depletes the timer upon activation, regardless if you are firing the Sentry or not. That means when you activate it, you need to be ready to shoot something or it will be wasted.
  • In case the point actually wasn't that obvious, the active time the mobile gets is almost half the time the others get and has infinitely less usefulness as a result. You'd be lucky to kill an Officer with an entire volley, let alone doing literally anything useful.
  • Zinjo2017
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    edited January 2018
    The Sentry mode of the Heavy weapon needs to STOP shooting through walls and cover! This is my biggest complaint about that mode of any of the heavy weapons. If I find cover from a heavy, I want to have confidence that I will not be shot through a wall or crate. Unless you introduce destructible environments, the explosive rounds need to be limited to open targets. Splash damage is one thing but the radius of splash damage is far too large right now.
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