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Heroes & Villains - Starfighter Assault Mode

We have a heroes & villains mode - but there needs to be a starfighter assault mode with only hero and villain ships. Would love to see this mode.

I'm just an average at best player and I struggle to get enough points in matches to spawn into a hero starfighter. The rare occasion that I get enough points, it's either at the end of a match, all available slots for special vehicles are already taken, or my time in the special ships is so short lived.

I think it would be fun to have an all out assault with nothing but hero vehicles. Would be epic battles seeing Skywalker, Dameron, Yoda, Chewie & Solo vs. Boba Fett, Vader, Kylo Ren & Darth Maul.


  • SrawDawg
    1137 posts Member
    I totally agree. And it feels to me like team play with certain players (like internet friends) is more difficult with Starfighter Assault (bad spawn timing and points. This I think would have a much better team game for the hero ship. Like tonight I was in Vader's TIE advanced and I got on the ropes so luckily caught someone in a Fett Slave-1 and hid behind them while I recharged and took out a few of their attackers and a Falcon while I was at it, all while the Slave-1's seimic charge helped clear the space behind them. Such a symbiotic team relation is also seen with Palpatine and Vader or Maul during Hero's VS Villain matches.

    I can get the hero ships here and there, but I have no idea who I am getting, which discourages me personally from spending crafting parts for cards cause I have no idea when or if I will get to use those ships. This way you could be guaranteed a hero ship for this game mode.

    You could also add AI ships just to add to the whole Star Wars feel, but it definitely needs the option to have hero ships alone like in a HvV setting.

    I also made a thread about this, I would appreciate it if you would comment in it. I will try to keep up with as many links for this SA mode as possible.

    I think this mode would add a lot to the game, you could even have the same HvV intro music as the 5 or 6 hero or villain ships flown into battle.

    And like you said about how hard it is to just get the hero ships, this eliminates that problem. To some people (like myself) Star Wars is more about the ship battles, but some like the heros and villains, or the rebellion or the empire.

    I think it would also reveal some interesting things about the play-ability and tactics of the hero ships, especially while working together. Something you see a lot in this forum is talk about the "endless loop" of Starfighter Assault. I don't think you would see that as often here, I think it would go down just like a HvV match and while Jedi's are swordfighting there is a blaster out there picking them off. I think the same thing would happen here, someone would flank them and break the roll. But I don't honestly know, it would be interesting to see how it played out though. Imagine being able to explore the entire Fondor map with no restrictions, wouldn't be too good with spawning though I imagine. For this mode to work their have to be a type of region spawning close to one or two members of your team.

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