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Captain Phasma is too situational (Detailed, and somewhat negative)

Alright let me just get this straight off the bat, I completely despise this hero. She's absolutely horrid to play & is a punching bag for the Rebels to feed off on.
Almost all of her capabilities in this game are outclassed by villains that can do her job so much better.
The only time I'd say I actually enjoyed this hero was in Heroes versus Villains using my droid to stun foolish Jedi players & smack them with the staff. I'll admit that was actually pretty fun. But everything else... Not so much.

So now that I'm done expressing my frustrations with this hero.
Lemme just show you what I have in store for eventual buffs that Phasma may get later down the line.
I identify several issues in these paragraphs, and I think everyone can make out exactly what needs to be done with this character.
  • Captain Phasma's F-11D: For the most part I think this blaster is OKAY, but it definitely isn't the best villain blaster, but I do enjoy using it.
    It's inaccuracy, minimal damage output compared to other blasters, and overheat speed is what makes it appalling to some.
    I shouldn't have to fire the weapon for so long to make it accurate. Her laser bolts are basically just tiny pebbles being shot out of a nerf gun sometimes, and the gun just over heats way to quickly for how badly it performs against large groups of enemies. It's mainly a gun that's really good at getting assist medals, I'll give it that.

    Buff those 3 things, balance it out, and you've got a good blaster!

  • The Staff needs a serious rework: While it is a cool & fun utility option to use. Captain Phasma's staff is the most useless ability in the game. Not only do you stay in just one spot while using it, but it has an absurdly small hit box for how long the staff's length is, and it is painfully slow to use.
    The odds are massively against Phasma when she activates it in the first place, that's how I knew there was a problem.

    It's meant to kill off people to come close enough for you to use it, alright sure, but the only people that would actually do that are Jedi. But whenever they hit you with their light saber or force powers the staff immediately turns off while you're trying to swing it, making the ability completely useless against Jedi & also making it entirely worthless because of it's situational capability against light saber wielding heroes.

    She cannot run quickly & use the force with the staff, so if it's used on ANYTHING other than Jedi for not even 2 seconds, you can expect to quickly be pummeled over & demolished by the oppositions blaster fire.
    Oh and you can completely avoid it by rolling / dodging as anyone. Which adds onto it's worthlessness as an ability.

    If this is the only way this staff's utility goes, then I don't see a use for her staff star cards, as those will just slow me down a ton.

    Side Problems:
    1. Her staff damage card needs to be adjusted, It doesn't seem like it's worthy upgrade.
    2. Her 3rd strike from the staff's damage is incredibly inconsistent, like sometimes I'd hit it off & my opponent isn't damaged at all.
    3. The staff's activation & sheath animations don't actually show the staff extending & shifting back into the normal hilt portion of the staff. I also have no idea where she keeps that thing on her. (Kind of nitpicky I know.)

  • How this can all be fixed through a rework: It shouldn't just be this situational weapon you'll most likely only use against Jedi. It needs to work like how a light saber works for the jedi in this game, perfectly usable when on the move, and great when fighting large crowds of enemies or when dueling another light saber user.

    You should be able to equip it as a secondary weapon in your hand as well as run with it with a faster sprint speed similar to the Vanguards scatter gun. You can quickly swing it to knock down someone, although you will be slowed down a bit. It has a respectable hit box that reflects its length (So you don't have her dashing across the battlefield to hit someone like some kind of force wielder).

    You can run with it for as long as you like, if you run out of the 3 swing charges you just wont be able to hit people with the staff & you'll have to wait for another charge to swing it again. If you switch off of it to your blaster you'll have to sheath back the blade and wait through a 4 second cool down, so that way your not constantly switching through both all the time rapidly and stuff like Iden's pulse cannon.

    Whenever I see Phasma as Rey or Luke I'm like "Hah, this girl again? Piece of cake!" and I continue on to slash my light saber straight through her neck because theirs literally nothing she can do about it.
    But now I think I got something in mind that'll turn the tables big time.

    If you encounter a Jedi, then this is how it's going to go down. Instead of blocking all of your hits, the Jedi's weapon will be no match for your staff. If the Jedi is holding up his block, your first hit breaks their block immediately and knocks him down to the ground. Your second and third hit will just continue smacking the Jedi across the floor.
    Then again, if the Jedi is having any issue he can always just use the force :joy:
    So it should be equal for both sides, both enemies should be afraid of their capabilities.
  • Survivor is the only thing keeping her on her feet: I feel like I have to use this way to often to be successful, and the result is that I barely get anything done with her because of the miniscule damage reduction.

    The fact that I have to put on a 50% damage reduction card (That only activates when I get hit), when Finn can get that damage reduction right off the bat without any star cards whilst also supporting his team, is just absurd.

    In comparison to Finn, the extra health buff only works for herself & not her team mates. Which makes sense for her character in lore, but it's awful in the game having such a selfish ability, and she's supposed to be the Commanding Officer! She's the one who should be supporting her troops the most in this game. (Don't worry I'll fix that later on in this thread.)

    The worst part may be that the health gets slapped off immediately & your left with a very long cooldown after the buff is finished off. Whilst Finn has a 50% damage reduction for several seconds and goes past the original health buff, and to top it all off he has a short cool down with it as well! That really messes me up in this game.

    Side Problems
    1. The health depletes incredibly fast after a few seconds like its an officer's battle command compared to Yoda's presence and Finn's Big Deal abilities.

    2. It has an extremely long cool down for how often you'll be using it.
  • How's this gonna be fixed?: The Survivor ability will work as it does right now, but it now has a 55% damage reduction for as long as the health buff remains active on Phasma's health bar. On top of that the Damage Resistance stays on Phasma's health for 2 more extra seconds after the buff ends.

    Replace the NOT HARD ENOUGH star card with the ability to have the lasting few seconds of the damage resistance remain for a few more short seconds. Increasing Phasma's survivability.
    "Phasma's chromium armor allows her to withstand a considerable amount of damage, she will remain an unshakeable opponent for a few more seconds after her Armor shield from Survivor wears off."
    This should allow her to stand out from other heroes despite having a similar ability to a few of them, kinda like Finn.
    Here's how it should go.

    [1 second / 2 seconds / 3 seconds / 4 seconds]

    Each one of those numbers in between the brackets represents all 4 tiers of the star card you can upgrade.

  • Her Sentry Droid is actually alright: Man, I didn't think I'd like something about this characters kit for once. Well after all that bad stuff I just mentioned, I'm not that surprised really.
    The only bad things I'd say about it is that it takes very long to shoot at things, and it goes down a bit to quickly.

    A few things I'd remedy this with is a shorter time to identify enemies to shoot at & be more like the infantry turret the officer has. And giving the droid the ability to repair itself after a while, kind of like the officers turret.

    But ONE thing, that really grinds my gears, is the fact that it doesn't have a healing component to itself. I mean come on, it literally feels so natural for it to have one! Finn has the most team play abilities I've ever seen for a hero in this game, but his counterpart Phasma, who's an the commanding officer, has no team play abilities in her kit.

    You know what I think can fix this?
    I suggest that they give Phasma's droid, the ability to heal herself, and her teammates that stick around it, all back to full health.
    It should work like this, when you damaged as a soldier you'd run up to it and stay near it, and it'll heal you up with some Bacta mist like the medical droid from the last game while you get shot up in battle. It doesn't make you invincible however, it'll take 5 seconds to regen a heavy back to full health, which makes them quite tanky in the process. Much like Finns Big Deal ability, making people ultra tanky.

    The way the healing works on Phasma is that it allows her to regen only up to 350 of her health maximum health regen cap. Meaning your health regen cap is increased by 200 when you use this droid, and it'll heal you to 350 health over the course of 7 seconds. If you're damaged then the regen stops for 2 seconds, as to not make it too OP.
    All of this makes Phasma a more threatening & viable hero on the battlefront, it also means that her survivability is increased & she can keep herself up on the front lines to compete with her arch nemesis, Finn, at last.

Ah finally, I finished that up & got a few things off my chest.
What do YOU think should be improved about Phasma?
Or do you think she's fine where she is?
Let me know in the reply section, I'd like to know what everyone else thinks about this.
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  • Darkaid
    9643 posts Member
    I'll say this: Phasma is my favorite villain to play as. She's very good at destroying stunned enemies with her headshots. However, I never use her staff due to how useless it is. I think Survivor is great and it helps me survive a lot longer in both GA and HvsV. I EPEEK'd her Not Hard Enough card and it's amazing. Her droid is great as well.
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  • Yeah they just need to fix her staff and her gun at long ranges. The staff needs a bigger hit box and do more damage because it doesn't work very well right now. The only way that you get staff kills is if you shock someone shoot most of their health down and then staff strike them at the end before they are unfrozen.

    Also the gun needs to become more accurate quicker when you are firing faster. The gun is really awkward and only gets more accurate after being fired for a longer period of time. It's counter intuitive to most of the other guns.

    Agree with Darkaid though once you upgrade the droid and sit in the droid attack area Phasma becomes a great character. I have several abilities of hers at blue level for the droid and she works much better now. At first though with no upgrades to the droid she pretty much sucks and dies instantly.
  • Only thing I agree with is her staff being too hard to use. Needs a bigger hit box, and/or shorter start up. It's even hard to hit stunned enemies that are stunned by your droid.
  • Her staff is absolute trash. More often than not I get killed because I use it and get stuck in the SLOW animation. Its range seems to be shorter than how far the staff extends visually and players seem to be able to slide underneath it if they're slightly below her on a ramp or something. The only time I ever attempt to use the thing is if theres someone stunned in the droid.

    Also, a special shout out to the dev that thought it was a good idea to make the Phasma career objective for the staff linked to the last staff hit. ... I hate you.
  • Also, aside from a major buff to her staff, I think we should be able to pick up her droid and move it without having to send it into cool down. The regular troops can pick up their turrets and move them, why not Phasma?
  • Also, aside from a major buff to her staff, I think we should be able to pick up her droid and move it without having to send it into cool down. The regular troops can pick up their turrets and move them, why not Phasma?

    Yeah I would like to pick up droid and move it too.
  • Also, aside from a major buff to her staff, I think we should be able to pick up her droid and move it without having to send it into cool down. The regular troops can pick up their turrets and move them, why not Phasma?

    This is an excellent idea.
    Picking up the droid would help a bunch.
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    \⧹If you happen to have ANY ideas for any hero you desire to have in Battlefront 2, Let me know in a DM!⧸/
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