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Worst map in Star Wars history

Kamino in Galactic Assault is easily one of the single most unplayable maps in Battlefront history. The entirety of the map is nothing but chokepoints which make the objective play next to impossible since no one on the plant has the stones to actually play the objective and instead hide behind corners waiting for the defenders to come to them instead of rushing the defenders to take them out. The 1st phase is most certainly the lowest completed phase out of every single map and mode in the game, making the rest of the map pretty pointless to have been made.


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    You spend losing on the map and you complain, I know
    Star Wars Battlefront
  • dumbo
    112 posts Member
    The first phase is actually much easier than Takodana. But you must flank using the far left corridor - the resulting mess will create a large opportunity for your team to complete the objective. For the second phase - the main problem is that your own team doesn't fight on the landing pads (along with the completely unnecessary LAAT gunship). If you actually fight on the landing pads, then you should win.

    The barracks in the third phase is hard, whilst the final phase requires a miracle.

    I'm not sure it's the worst map, but DiCE could probably tweak things a little bit.
  • Talyn856
    756 posts Member
    edited January 2018
    First phase isn't that bad, actually. There's no way the defenders can protect their flank from every angle, they'd spread themselves too thin. There's always a way into the genetic archive. Their left flank is easy to defend because droids have only one access to the hallway on the droids' right, but the clones right flank and rear is very easy to harass, with at least 4 accesses I can think of from which you can split off and go either way.

    Getting to the fusion core is a little different. Two ways in or out that can be stacked with turrets. No way to break through except to break your face on one of the two hallways and then spawn camp the clones.

    Let's be honest, though, Kamino's CIS failure rate doesn't approach Endor Debris' Empire failure rate.
  • TheLoneJedii
    341 posts Member
    edited January 2018
    Yeah I dont find any issues with any of the maps, the problem is players, to many just run in the direction they spawn and rarely look to flank or get behind the enemy. Most just run straight in gun blazing, over and over and over again.

    Just this evening we was on research outpost on Endor, before the timer ran down i said to the team to go over the command block and straight for the outside ones, because everyone always rushes inside. We took both consoles with 90 tickets left and the centre with 75, and had moved to phase 2 in about 2-3 minutes.

    This is achieved on every map with players that think, easily.
    I have honestly seen better games made by companies with 1/1000th of the budget and resources, how can a game be worse almost 1 year after launch than it was when it started./center]
  • Death Star Debris definitely contributes to tanky objectives in phase 1 and the overabundance of objectives in literally everything, plus not even getting likes back after taking out the sensor clusters, meaning a near flawless cruiser run is required. Kamino is a chokepoint issue. Too many corridors and small doorways, and even outside it's the same problem because of the thin walkways
  • And don't even get me started on how easy it is for phase 3 barracks to be protected and how ridiculous it is without heroes
  • Agree Kamino is the worst map in the game by far.
  • Never been a fan of Kamino except in Star Fighter Assault. The map is far too easy to defend flanking or no flanking.
  • Kamino and Mos Eisley are terrible...I would be all for retiring both of them. What a waste of effort on DICE/EA's part. So heavily weighted for a side. Do they even try their own game to make sure it's playable?
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