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Best star cards to purplize?

What in your opinion and why are the best star cards to upgrade for any trooper/hero/starfighter?


  • Depends on your favorite from each, I play officer, so I went bounty hunter, officers presence, and improved battle command for one.

    For heroes you just gotta experiment with what you characters you like first. then get the cards you think you’d like, get them to blue and see how much you indeed like them.
  • Also depends if you are using the heroes more for HvV or GA?
  • lerodemmy
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    For HvV, Vader's best card is Furious Resilience. It makes him virtually indestructible. Opportunist is a great card for Rey.

    For GA heroes, you definitely want to start with the cards that give health back, like Rey's Survivor and Vader's Dark Lord. Damage reduction cards are good too.

    Also, I'd say Shock Longer (I think that's what it's called) and Echoing Roar are Chewie's best cards in either mode.
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  • For Trooper, I would prioritize Officer and Heavy depending on what you want to do.

    Cards to purp for Officer:
    - Improved Flash Nade
    - Improved Battle Command
    - either squad shield or disruption depending on game mode and objective

    Cards to consider purping for Heavy:

    - Supercharged Sentry (must pick..but may not see as much value purping it compared to other cards so purp it eventually)
    - Bounty Hunter (if prioritizing hero acquisition, otherwise ignore)
    - Defender (only if prioritizing hero acquisition)
    - Improved Combat shield
    - Improved Impact grenade or detonite charge; personal preference
    - Ion Turret (better than the Officer turret)

    For SFA, all three classes will be useful, though the fighter will be the least useful as it isn't a specialist, and the only time you'll want to pick this is either A) when your interceptor option on the map sucks (1st order and Empire) or on maps where there's a static objective but no bomber. So, I recommend prioritizing Interceptor and Bomber. Of the two, killing the objective wins matches, so I would first and foremost get your bomber cards purped.

    Cards for Bomber:
    - Advanced Torpedoes (these are your objective killers and purping this card really moves the needle on damage)
    - Reinforced Hull (you don't do maneuverability so this is a must pick)
    - either Tuned Lasers or Bomber Defense Upgrade (depending on whether the bomber you're flying has an astromech)

    Cards for Interceptor:
    - Tuned Lasers
    - Advanced Capacitors
    - Fire Control Cycler

    Cards for fighter:
    - Fighter weapon Systems
    - Reinforced Hull
    - Tuned Lasers

    As far as hero, non SFA vehicle and reinforcement cards, I put these at a level of lesser importance. You will have much less playtime as these characters (except for HVV) so it simply makes sense to prioritize your upgrades towards what you're playing all the time.

  • FullyFokused
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    I play almost only GA, and use primarily assault or heavy. here’s my purples-
    For assault I run w purple bounty hunter, thermal detonator and resourceful.
    For heavy I use this class for anti vehicle exclusively with ion missoe ion sentry turret and supercharged sentry.
    Here are what purples I have for GA heroes/villains-
    Priotize getting Rey purpled out for extended distance and time on Insight as well as the health replenishment from kills. With even a semi competent team this makes them all exponentially better and also awards you score points for every kill your team gets while insight is active. Makes topping the leaderboard amd getting max credits pretty simple. For palps I’d priotize chain lightning health return and chain lightning additional targets. Bossk added Prox mines and mine arm time + thicker wider poison cloud. I agree with above post on Vader. For Maul Im using reduced damage from blasters, increased recharge time (only to blue the purple is a waste at 480 parts for a 1% increase) and increased saber throw distance. Working on getting Finn to purple now. IMO best GA hero is Rey and best GA villain is Palps. Don’t play much HvV but these setups I’d imagine would not be ideal for those game types.
  • All my current purple cards/builds...

    OFFICER: Improved Battle Command, Officer's Presence, Bounty Hunter (MAIN BP EARNER)
    OFFICER: Improved Battle Command, Resourceful, Disruption (ASSAULT OFFICER)
    ENFORCER: Battle Hardened, Survivalist, Enforcer Training

    BOMBER: Advanced Capacitors, Reinforced Hull, Bomber Defensive Systems (GA STRAFER / SA PTO BOMBER)
    BOBA FETT'S SLAVE I: Heavy Seismic Charge, Reinforced Hull, Repair Systems (UNKILLABLE SLAVE I)

    Working on getting either my Specialist or Bossk to purple next although I might get the other 2 Enforcer cards to purple first.
  • MovieFan555
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    Advanced capacitors (head buildup) for Interceptors. 40% heat reduction, where it now (almost) feels like you have the heat sink activated for your regular lasers.

    This is the best starfighter card IMO, and is a huge improvement over the blue. Really good bang for your buck on the CP, and the most no-brainer purple I can think of.

    Others will know better for the ground infantry.
  • Just came to show my appreciation for the term "purplize"
  • Turbomentor24
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    When selecting starcards you might want to look at a hero starship's attributes that can be brought higher than your opposing teams maneuverability, engine heat dissipator times, and offensive weapon systems, so for what I believe could be the best star cards for a handful of hero starships, see below.

    Iden's Tie: I like the Engine Upgrade, Elite Pilot, and Reinforced Hull. Elite pilot gives you a way to maneuver your ship good enough to ease evasion of missiles which is a good thing to learn if you want to be the last one standing in space.

    Tallie Lintra: I'm really not advanced enough to have fully acquired each of her starcards however, I've been successful with engine upgrade, tactical jammer (essential if evasion is one of your priorities), also the targeting computer can give you missile launch speeds of Luke.

    Han Solo Millennium Falcon: For the style of flying I employ, I like the Engine Heat Dissipator maxed. I've found many adversaries will tuck behind my ship and fire so many missiles at me until I make a mistake or they hit me. So, I chose the dissipator to increase the ship speed, and evade missiles better at the same time, without the need for an engine upgrade.

    The Millennium Falcon is a heavy machine and many dinamics go into how it flies. So to make the job of maneuvering your craft easier, it's better to invest in gunslinger accuracy. To maximize the effectiveness of that starcard, make sure you get Wookie Engineering Lol these starcards should make your ship able to evade almost anything given you know how to maneuver your ship to put an obstacle between yourself and a dark side ship. I like going near a Star Destroyer's bridge and flying in circles, augmentors churning minimal intervals of maximum thrust, and allowing the dark side ships to follow me around in circles, eventually they either get outmaneuevered and eliminated in a head on (which no opposing dark side ship can win) or they make a mistake by chasing me into the crevices the Millenium Falcon can go but the dark side ships cannot. So Engine Heat Dissipator, Gunslinger accuracy, and Wookie Engineering. You should be out of sight, on your way to some location from which you can pounce on the closest opposing team ship. Tactically it is better to use your special mods to utilize Wookie Engineering to engage ships that look for a closing joust. It's a sad game but wow it's fun.
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  • just do all of them, easy enough progression system was changed to casual level. A trooper should take no more than 3 days from 1-70, a hero you can do in a day. Easy
  • just do all of them, easy enough progression system was changed to casual level. A trooper should take no more than 3 days from 1-70, a hero you can do in a day. Easy

  • never heard of a color being made into a verb. Nice!
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