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[BF II - PC] Imperial Ground Forces(IGF) is recruiting

Greetings Imperial Citizens,

IGF is a clan built on friendship, fun, teamwork and much more.
IGF has been around since 1999 and unlike a lot of clans, it has survived all these years and is still very much alive - IGF is actually the sister clan of RGF - our Rebel Ground Forces brothers, they too, have been around for nearly just as long.
IGF supports the new Battlefront and Battlefront 2
IGF accepts and welcomes any players of any skill level, whether you're new to Battlefront or have been around since Beta Launch, you are more than welcome to join us in our mission to destroy the Rebels and free the galaxy from them!
IGF has weekly events
You also can get awards created especially by our experienced Graphics department on the site.
Once you enlist with IGF, there are a few basic tasks you need to complete, but all are very easy and simple.
Once you do, you will get promoted to your first rank and will be eligible to participate in wars, events, tournaments, etc.

Interested? Enlist with IGF:
You can add TalonnD as your recruiter

IGF has a Discord, come join us there!

I have been a member of this Clan since 2003. We adapt, we grow and we have fun. If you are looking for a clan/club/community to call home this is the place.

we look forward to having you join us!

Live long the Empire!

Imperial Ground Forces - Advisor


  • Feel free to add me on discord TalonnD#9865
  • Added you on discord. My clan/friends are really hoping some people want to do some setup 4v4 pre made lobbies. We have done a few of these already and its by the the most fun we have had in game having an actual challenge. Hit me up if you are interested
  • Awesome sounds fun!
  • Great Clan for anyone looking to hang out, have fun and game. I've been a member of this clan for 16 years. We have supported many different Star Wars games over the years dating back to Dark Forces II.

    We are looking for active people to join our community!

    Feel free to add me on origin IGF_TalonnD_654
    Join me in our discord
    or become a member through our website
  • qv51ggf6mywf.jpg
    Feel free to add me on origin IGF_TalonnD_654
    Join me in our discord
    or become a member through our website
  • Hey my user Gviking93 sound good may I join ?
  • Gviking93 wrote: »
    Hey my user Gviking93 sound good may I join ?

    Of course
  • This really is a great club, tons of fun with this group! 493vfsc140vl.gif
  • TalonnD
    37 posts Member
    I invite you to check out Imperial Ground Forces - IGF
    We celebrate our 20th Anniversary as a Star Wars Gaming Clan this November.
    We have scheduled game nights, weekly Battlefront 2 events, active discord, robust website and members of all ages.

    Our Star Fighter Assault group Black Squadron is widely recognized as the best in the Battlefront 2 Star Fighters Community. We are also active on the ground and are all about making battlefront 2 fun for each other.

    If this interests you please join us in discord and check out our site

    Also I'm IGF_TalonnD_654 on discord and TalonnD#9865 on discord. I'm happy to answer any questions you may have.
  • I've been with IGF for about two months and have been promoted to officer. This is a really sound, good group who are dedicated to having a fun and a productive gaming guild. I highly recommend them.
    "Peace is a lie"
  • There is nothing better than having people play with at any giving time. I love this game, and i love IGF. Add me on discord GhostoStanLee
  • Joining Imperial Ground Forces is signing up for the most fun, and the best advantage you can have while playing Star Wars Battlefront 2!
  • We celebrate our 20th birthday in November. We have a long and proud history in the Star Wars Gaming community. If you are looking for a fun casual group to game with, IGF is the place.
    Come check us out!
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