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Progression changes

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edited January 2018
It's now been two months since the internet fire storm caused EA to make a statment a out how they were going to completely overhaul the progression system. Now the developers are apparently back from their vacation and tweeting constantly about things that will be needed soon. Things people spent hours unlocking, or upgrading, and in the cases of powers things some have spent a ton of crafting parts on.

You guys need to get your stuff together and fix progression as promised before you break people's load outs, so they at least can get their replacements leveled and ready in a reasonable amount of time.

Why have we received no updates on what's going on? We got a small boost in credits earned, a tiny boost to daily crates and were told to wait for more changes. How long should we be expecting to wait? At this point I've seen a lot of players who just think it's a stalling tactic and no further changes are on the horizon, while I don't believe that's the case two months of silence on the issue doesn't help.

You guys specifically said you were listening, and more changes were coming. So show us you are listening by getting what was promised finished, or at least give us an indication of what you are doing to change it.

Please to any players who want the same answers, throw your voice in and let them know we still want what they told us we were getting, but keep it civil and calm.

To any mods, please try to get an official statement about this issue that effects all players.
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