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Definitive Custom Star Card Class Guide for New Players (Current Game Build) [01/10/2018]

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As requested by @Jaedric_Kaine , I will go into a short but Descriptive Custom Load Out for Classes/Reinforcements.

This is by no means an entry level guide. This will be for more avid players that are competitive and willing to put in time to master the Load outs I will be showcasing here. These are MY own creations and they work Wonders for me and my Clan and Friends that we game with daily. All of the following will be from my own experience and creation. I will only give the Builds I use for each class. I will not offer any variations as I feel these are extremely potent and counter anything individually they each come across. Keep in mind I have played since alpha . I know each class and counter very well.

Ok lets dive right in.

Assault Load Out:

Build Name: "Intimidation"

Weapon EL-16 (No Exceptions)
Attachments: Reduced Recoil & Improved Range

Star Cards:

Recharge Vanguard


Acid Launcher

Class role while using this is VERY UNIQUE so pay attention to instructions please.

This build is primarily focused on Scanning, Gassing, and Pushing with Vanguard to clear rooms/Hold position/Objectives. Per kill with Vanguard using this build your abilities recharge automatically. Which allows you to rinse and repeat repeatedly this Role/Duty, over and over and over until death. The shear amount of pressure given off by one Player doing this correctly on any map is so potent, you become a focus of the enemy team. They will literally rage spawn and come right back to you taking their focus off the Objective and buying your team crucial time to do their objective. it's the End all Be all build that I use daily to 100% success. Learning this will not be easy. This will take time to master the timing.

Heavy Load Out:

Build Name: "Grenadier"

Weapon: TL-50
Attachments: Improved Cooling & Reduced Spread

Star Cards:



Improved Impact Grenade

This build may seem odd, but trust me, the results will speak VOLUMES. So follow my lead.

In this build you will be THE Legend in your match. See that objective over there? Get close, fight your way to it. Is that a group of enemies inside holding it down? No problem. Toss that impact grenade. follow it up with Barrage, Move in and clean sweep. Those that survived your initial Explosive Rage, will have under 10% hp and be 1 shots. Rinse and repeat since you have Cool down reduction from resourceful. Oh and if you're waiting for those cool downs, no worries, Whip out that Sentry for pressure till it's back :wink: . I have TOO much fun doing this. This build makes defending FUN, and Offense seem like a knife through butter.

Officer Load Out:

Build Name: "Delegation"

Weapon: SE-44c
Attachments: Improved Cooling & Rapid Fire

Star Cards:




This build seems like some sick joke. It's Not, that I promise you. Lets get into it.

With this build you will notice that Survival is my favorite feature. I'm giving you the TRUE bread and butter here. I want to see you lose a 1 v 1 like this. You would have to have a broken mouse to not win a 1 v 1 with this load out.

Now to elaborate, What you sacrifice here is just boosting main stock abilities, and you sacrifice changing out abilities, for the sole purpose to GAIN God mode within this game without cheating. You have a weapon to defend yourself and Others, You can take and defend objectives, you have a turret, a flash grenade, you have a health boost with battle command.

ON TOP OF THAT, you NOW have Less Explosive damage taken/reduction & can breathe in Gas, Your Health Regens Extremely FAST, and all your abilities to Assist your team and protect yourself are on lower Global Cool downs than any other officer you come across.

I guaranty the lethal presence you will give off will be remembered for days by players who die to you. You will be that Officer spoken about during the game in anger, raged about on forums for nerfs, and Rage Messaged out of confusion. This build Safeguards YOU, which in turn Safeguards YOUR TEAM. Always remember an officer is only valuable if he's alive. And the longer you stay alive, the more assistance you give your team.

Specialist Load Out:

Build Name: "God's Eye & Devil's Advocate"

Weapon: NT-242
Attachments: Improved Cooling & Disruptor Shot

Star Cards:

Repulsor Cannon


Personal Shield

This is my Personal Favorite. Keep in mind I Main Assault, Adore Heavy, Rock on Officer, and yet this is still the most fun and fruitful class/load out I use.

With this specific build you will come to realize that you can literally do anything you want to do. Given you're accurate, tactical, and PATIENT!

Your role will be Objective Protection and Objective Pressure. You will move in for flanks, you will knock down Heavy's using sentry's, you will put Heroes on the floor and execute them MERCILESSLY. No remorse.

This is Advanced Game play I'm talking about. This isn't day one, month 1 game play. This is YOU PLAY EVERY DAY AND PRACTICE ALL THE TIME game play.

Repulsor Cannon will be CRUCIAL. You will need to learn this activation/use like the back of your hand. Two uses, long cool down, so using it right Matters most. Knowing when to use it matters as well. You will primarily use this on heavy's, and heroes. DO NOT WHIP THIS OUT for ANYTHING other than those two target types. The pay off is worth it.

Use your rifle to start your rhythm. Start killing as you push, Use infiltration to keep awareness up and make flanks to assist your team and bring pressure to your enemies. When you spot the target types (Heavy's & Heroes), Activate Repulsor, knock em down twice back to back, and take them out in fall animation. With practice this becomes an execution. Not kidding. It's hilarious. Then pop your shield whenever you need it.

That's it really. I have streamed doing this with 100% success on my targets. Even knocking down heroes PERIOD, let's your team get a fast kill. It's PHENOMENAL. Very Underrated and Underutilized. This build will keep you smiling whenever you master it with practice.

Now for the Reinforcements. This will be VERY short. Super easy. No way to mess this up.

Enforcer Load Out:

Star Cards:

Explosives Expert

Expert Weapons Handling

Battle Hardened

This is Basic. Your tough to kill, and POTENT in DPS. You will be targeted and focused often so survial is KEY/CRUCIAL. Play smart and play to your Reinforcements Strengths. Keep in mind per map/era the Enforcer Varies. So please take time to learn them individually. Arcade will help with this. You want to maintain Pressure, Not be killed off to easily, buy time for your team on offense or Defense. Your job is to disrupt enemy movements and become their TARGET. This enables your team mates to free fire and Play the Objective.

Aerial Load Out:

Star Cards:

Improved Jetpack

Improved Rocket Launcher

Battle Hardened

The only Good rocket trooper is the one that plays like he's Piloting a Gundam from the Anime. You need to be a living breathing War Machine. Mobile, Lethal, Ruthless. Play this build/Class AGGRESSIVELY. This will only be fun and successful if you cause a state of chaos within the enemy teams movements. Your ONLY job is to Offensively apply pressure, Massacre, and Disrupt Objective play BOTH Offensively and Defensively. You will have No issues moving around freely, you will not be killed easily, and you will have no problem taking out vehicles. This class is my FAVORITE Reinforcement. I adore an cherish this class and LOVE this build. I feel like i'm the Flash/Goku, and every enemy is stuck in cement. With Practice you will move through battle like a Knife through Butter.

Thank you to all who took time to read this, and I hope those who did read this learn from this. Again, I only gave the Load Outs I used because I want you all to benefit from my discoveries and my play style. I promise you with Practice and these builds, you will Dominate once you gain confidence and experience in using them. They will definitely step up your game play, and make you a more valuable team member. Leader boards will reflect this performance as well. Good luck Dudes!

May the Force be with You, Always.

Origin ID: "NWG_Dash"

Link to all my Guides here in Tips & Tricks:

"When you ask for trouble, you should not be surprised when it finds you". - Plo Koon


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