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No Match for a Good Blaster

Please give the Specialist class the Flash Pistol with this patch

The flash pistol is the scout pistol, it’s an assault star card that is not on a timed cooldown like many abilities and can instead be used like a normal blaster and has an alt fire mode for blinding enemies.

It’s significantly weaker than the primary weapons of all classes but can just about hold its own in close quarters. The assault absolutely doesn’t need an extra CQC weapon because the weapons like CR2 are unreal and the other blasters are all pretty good at close quarters plus Vanguard is great up close.

The specialist absolutely does, it’s pretty much useless in a firefight if infiltration is on cooldown. Your only option to be good at cqc if you want to go for objectives etc. is to use the A280CFE which is terrible at range and not as good as weapons like the S5 or ELFHE.

Giving it the scout pistol and a fighting chance would not affect balance but make Specialist more fun and usable by more players.


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