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Knights of Ren

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Who are they? Are they former students at Luke's academy? Where are they? What were they doing during the events of episodes VII and VIII?



What does 'Ren' mean? I wonder if they're all called [insert name here] Ren. I hope we see them in Episode IX as Supreme Leader Ren's version of the Royal Guard/Elite Praetorian Guard.
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  • WarfareKiller41
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    Luke said that Kylo left the burning Temple with a handful of his students, then slaughtered the rest. It's not confirmation, but I still view it as confirmation that Luke's Jedi apprentices became the Knights of Ren. If true, they are definitely force-sensitive.
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  • I believe Ren is another branch of dark side user different from a sith. Like how there are witches and dark Jedi. Sith usually have yellow eyes. Neither Kylo or Snoke have these.

    Most likely the Knights of Ren are made up of former Jedi from lukes order and maybe kids the First order kid napped
    that happen to be force sensitive.

    What they were doing? I am guessing since we didnt see them on the capitol ship they might of been searching for Imperial Vault like the one seen in this game that nees the force to open it.

    A comic or hopefully a game expands ther lore as they are some of the few things these new movies have that interest me.
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  • If they show up in IX, I see it going one of two ways.

    TLJ Spoilers Ahead:
    So with Kylo Ren now in charge of the First Order after killing Snoke and putting Hux in his place, there's clearly a lot of questions. For one, as shown at end of TLJ, Kylo Ren is not fit to lead. He compromised the entire operation on Crait because he got distracted, as Hux warned.

    This is where I feel the Knights could play in. For those who played SWTOR, you may remember the Sith were lead not only by the Emperor, but also by a Dark Council; a group of Sith that acted in a way as the anti-Jedi council. Given Kylo's rash decisions, I wouldn't be surprised if he used the Knights as his balance, plotting new moves for the First Order as a group instead of just him calling bad moves. After all, these may also be force sensitives with their own unique Force talents that could aid in strategy. (Battle Meditation?) Personally, I feel this could be an interesting dynamic. However this idea still betrays the idea of Kylo being the "Master of the Knights of Ren" and not simply a member. There's also the fact that Kylo showed us in TLJ that he's not one for sharing.
    My second idea if much less detailed. With the Praetorian Guards out of the picture, Kylo may feel the need to have new guards, not so much for the protection, but to prompt his status and flaunt his ego. (The dude needs a boost after two major failures over a few days.) Who else would be more fit, and loyal for the job other than the Knights? He is their master after all. The flashback scene and concept art show that these guys (and girls?) are well armored, and definitely look to be trained in varying forms of combat. I'm just not sure whether or not they would need a uniform change, but that's up to JJ. Speaking of JJ, I could also see this playing out, as this loose end he created in TFA kinda got left out, and we don't want to overflow and convolute the story finishing up things that weren't explained. It'd make sense to just have them be there, and do nothing more. They'd probably just make a book afterward anyway.
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  • DarthJ
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    I could see your second option happening @Trooper8059. Theres not much left in terms of plot lines for IX to take up so they could be added
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  • As we previously had only two "Sith" during the reign of Palpatine but also had several other dark force users out there. Vader even enlisted the Inquisitors to hunt down Jedi, and find young Force users to turn to the dark side. We know from their names "The Seventh Sister" and "The Eighth Brother" that there were at least a handful of them using the Dark Side and fighting with lightsabers.

    Don't know what "Ren" is yet...maybe the name of something in Sith lore we don't know...If *I* was writing it, it would be be the name of a Jedi knight from antiquity that lead an insurrection against the order over doctrine and was defeated but lived on as an icon to the anti-Jedi sentiment...OR the name of a Sith temple like the one on Malachor destroyed during the Asoka and Vader battle (where she learns the truth about Anakin)... or a planet with another Sith temple...So Ben chose the name to be knights that defend the dark teachings.

    I am hoping that they aren't like the bounty hunters in Empire, and just there for the cool shot in one movie and years of wondering what they could have been if used in action for real.
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