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So how long do u think swbf1 pc last couse i think ill buy it


  • Atleast for another year. Those WA maps are perfection.
  • Don’t buy it especially on pc unless you aren’t expecting much. You’ll probably be able to get into Walker Assault for a good amount of time but not much else. The game also isn’t very good.
  • I think the PC player's base for SWBF1 is incredibly low by now, since many of those players are now playing SWBF2 I'm afraid. If you have either Xbox1 or PS4, however, you may have better luck as there are still some players playing that game due to those two consoles having higher player's base.

    ... And this topic about the predecessor BF1 game should be in the Battlefront 1 forum sections; this forum sections we are now in is only for threads with topics about Battlefront 2.
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