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What is your favorite Starwars movie - and why?

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As the title says. What is your favorite movie and why?

Mine would have to be Return of the jedi. I think the reason is that it 'ends' with the good winning and its also the end of the saga. I love it when leia tells han about luke and that he is her brother :P
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  • Obviously the one that started it all, A new hope.
    Even though I almost died it remains my favourite.
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  • Favourite? I like them all. I prefer the old saga then EP I,II,III. I think my favourite will be the new movie.
    The one movie that catches me the most will be The Empire Strikes Back. The Hoth scene, Cloud City scene.. just wonderful.
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  • Any of them that feature an X-wing :D
  • Original Trilogy all day long
  • The Empire Strikes Back is my favourite, stands out the most to me.

    In order

    1. TESB
    2. ROTJ
    3. ROTS
    4. ANH
    5. TPM
    6. TCW

    The Clone Wars is by far the worse, just very boring. People will hate me for putting Revenge of the Sith higher than A New Hope but I grew up with it and it just is my a favourite of mine, A New Hope was a little slow in my opinion.
  • alex_aut
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    Hard to tell...







    But I love all of them ;)
  • Same here its hard to decide because they are all Star Wars...
    But if forced to decide.
    #1 - V
    #2 - IV
    #3 - VI
    #4 - II
    #5 - III
    #6 - I

    May the Force be with the director of Episode VII
  • I love all the Star Wars movies, I grew up on the prequels though so...
    #1 - III
    #2 - V
    #3 - VI
    #4 - IV
    #5 - I
    #6 - II
    I know my list is in a weird order. I like Revenge of the Sith the best because of the action and dark story. I am hoping The Force Awakens will become my new favorite Star Wars movie.
  • Vespervin
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    I love all of the movies and cartoons, it's very hard to pick a favourite.

    I pick Episode III, for the same reasons Soloman98 listed. It's packed full of action and it's dark.
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  • kellar
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    I'm not a fan of starwars, only watched the movies once back in like 2006..
    I'm only here because of DICE.

    ROTS taking the top spot because of nostalgic value since I got into SW right when it was coming out and it was the new cool thing, and now watching it just brings back that flood of memories.
  • III, had the best action
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  • The Empire Strikes Back will always be my favorite. The characters, the battles, the music, it was the first Star Wars movie I ever watched.
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  • The Empire Strikes Back is probobly my favorite. Revenge of the Sith is not far behind, but ESB dont have any low-points as RotS has. Battles, music, the twist, all the great characters, thats what makes The Empire Stikes Back the winner.
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