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Question About Customizations


Friends... I understand that many of you, like me, were not only Star Wars original Battlefront games fans but as well of Dice's previous work like Battlefield, which gave us all a good range of options to customize our character's: Clothing, Vehicles, Weapons (etc). For example, in Battlefield 3 and 4, we had customizations not only to characters equipment, but modifications to the equipment itself, grip, scope, silencer (i understand Star Wars has other types of modifications that could be added, including to the standard weapons), we could change our colors, paint our tanks and helicopters, why wouldn't we be able to paint our ships too?
We've seen in Star Wars Rebels characters such as Sabine Wren painting her Mandalorian Armor and starfighters, we've seen it in the new movie, and we did not get it, for some reason. I understand if they want to keep everything so classy and boring, so it don't turn out to be a circus like the weapon skins in Counter Strike Global Offensive.
But couldn't we be given that option at least in different game modes?

Just think about it.

What about Server Browser and Conquest Mode - If by luck we are released such utopic contents, couldn't the host decide to open a customization section in his game's config? Why wouldn't we be allowed that too? How can that be a bad thing?

I really imagined myself playing Battlefront II like in Battlefield 4, customizing my Rebel characters, so I would feel more attached to them. Most Star Wars players are Role Players, they have had thousands of characters developed in the Star Wars Universe, why not allow us this taste of BELONGING inside this marvelous game that Battlefront II is?

Please, consider this, if it wasn't ever considered (really? I don't believe it...), reconsider then.

There are, still, many, many SMALL things that together create a bigger hole in the ground for this game, things that we would be so satisfied if we were given. Reasonable things, my friends.

Please, take my post into consideration.

Much love.

- Joe
My priority list:
* Conquest Mode
- Ground-Sky (Troopers, Vehicles, Starfighters - spawn and "press G" to enter)
* Map Selection / Server Browser
* All modes available for us to play
- All selections and team choosing available for us to play
* Cosmetic system
- Customization of clothing, weapons and vehicles
* Improved Squad System
- In-Squad Voip System, or something better.
* No microtransactions

Twitch Channel: Joey A
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