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First Order symbol is wrong

In the game you can spot 2 versions of the symbol. All the ones you see in the game except the ones on the flags on Starkiller Base are different. Many would not even notice, but looking at pictures on google you will see all sorts of variants. So what is exactly the correct one?

They should have 16 stripes I know. But should 1 stripe be straight up/down/left/right or 2 stripes (same shape but turned a little)?

Also, pause in the first Force Awakens trailer on 1:12. You can see the symbol on the big flag that is off center, like a lot haha.
Priority list:

1. Fix Split Screen bugs and the rest
2. Improve Saber combat
3. Reduce the overly bright Saber/lights glow reflections (especially Yodas saber)
4. 91st Scout trooper for Assault
5. Max out Arcade maps Combat area
5. First Person only mode!
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