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Team balance?

I started a Galactic Assault game yesterday. The teams were 18v5! Really? In what universe does it make sense to start a GA match 18v5? I look the other way on other balance issues, and accept them as part of the game (such as team shuffling ) but I cannot look past this.


  • EA making same mistakes over and over. This is stupid. Work of ****.

    Same thing with battlefront 1 and it took a lot of time they stop being stubborn and make a balance when scenario change. Now, instead make same thing on 2, that's the logic move, mediocre smart people would do that. They didn't.

    It's so obvious and they're too stupid or stubborn.

    Another patch and nothing about it.
  • yeah total money greeding ppl at dice these days. they said:"we love star wars!" sure.... u like the moneymaking cash mashine theyve got by EA.

    galaktic assault is unplayable! why?

    well only 2 less players on 1 side and its unwinnable. because uve get **** by some op heroes/villains till the end.

    heay dice! why u dont take ur time to develop a game like u take ur time to listen to ur community and give us a patch, after months
  • Seriously, it really does irk me. It gets annoying when I'm on team that is essentially being steamrolled by the enemy team. Which then leads to players on the team I'm on leaving and thus the team I'm on, when it goes to the next map ends up losing again!
  • Please fix the balance. I consistently get into a game and one sides top 10 playera have more kills than the entire other side. When you are on that other side if you stay within the cycle you are paired with that poor group with no change in group so you constantly are beaten.
  • lvl 1-15 vrs lvl 50's or hero's that are higher than your best trooper. is super duper.
  • they didnt care , still counting our money right now until they done there will be only **** patch
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