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Battlefront (PC) Looking to create two parties of 8 to start Bespin/Sabotage Matches

Just trying to finish out some Hutt Contracts. Please PM me your Origin Name if interested. I usually try to recruit players from Walker Assault Matches to join in as well. If you see me online, I'm usually trying to host it. Once we have enough people, I'll message you in-game so we can start these games again. Thanks!


  • jmoyano92
    50 posts Member
    edited October 2018
    -Where are you from?

    -Do you have all DLCs? (the complete version of the game)

    If you are from Europe (or nearby) and you play on PC, and if you have the whole content of the game, you can add me.

    My nickname on Origin is: jmoyano92
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