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How can we save this game?

If anyone is interested in running Bespin/Sabotage, PM me your Origin name and I'll add you. If you see me online, I'm usually hosting it to see how many players still want to play. The most I've seen in the lobby is about 8 players (4 on each team).

Out of 11 different modes: Supremacy, Walker Assualt, Fighter Squadron, Blast, Cargo, Drop Zone, Droid Run, Hero Hunt, Hero Vs. Villians, Turning Point, Sabotage,

Everyone either does walker assault, supremacy, or one of the hero modes. This is a real shame; nobody is hosting other battles, even when the party cost is lower, and there's no incentive for anyone to do anything different.

To encourage players participate in the various modes, why not create new daily missions that offer perks such as exclusive skins/appearances, blasters, or achievements? Each day, players will need to complete a certain number of battles in Bespin, Outer Rim, Death Star, and Rogue One: Scarif. Other missions could be to complete a hutt contract or help a partner complete a hutt contract.

In order to keep this game alive they should release new appearances and emotes in the store, new characters like Old Ben and Grand Moff Tarkin, and new expansions for story modes. Give players an option to form a guild so they can have more options to party up with members and create matches in modes such as Bespin/Sabotage.

There's tons of new expansions that could be released to persuade players to spend more money on BF. If nothing gets done, it may be best to call it quits before they shut the servers down and release BF3.


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