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Battlefront (PC) Looking to form parties for Bespin/Sabotage

Please PM me your Origin Name if interested. We are trying to form two parties of 8 people on each team to finish out Hutt Contracts. If you see me online, I'm usually hosting and trying to gather random to people to join. The problem is players keep joining and leaving the lobby. I also go to other modes like walker assault matches to recruit people to join our parties.

Let me know whenever you are free to play and I'll add you to one of my parties, so we can get these matches started again.


  • Nicksuperking. I play every evening
  • Yeah I want to play with
  • -Where are you from?

    -Do you have all DLCs? (the complete version of the game)

    If you are from Europe (or nearby) and you play on PC, and if you have the whole content of the game, you can add me.

    My nickname on Origin is: jmoyano92

    (But in the other hand, if you have only the base game, don't even try it. Sorry for this, but I want to play all DLCs.)
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