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better chat even during the ending cutscenes and not hidden while being dead

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The in-game chat is not perfect mainly because of these two issues:

While the player is dead there is a card of a enemy player that killed you covering the chat. Meaning the player is unable to read or write anything in to the chat because he cant see it. And it is pretty annoying

While the game is over the ending cutscene will start but players are unable to writte anything in to the chat. The question is why? Pretty much in every game the ending is very important part for player why we are not able to say GG ? Or anything.

Also I dont like how chat is deleted every round. I would prefer if it was deleted only when the new map is loaded.

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  • Agreed, i "always" press enter to type, when the game ends.

    I "always" get disappointed.
    My priority list:
    * Conquest Mode
    - Ground-Sky (Troopers, Vehicles, Starfighters - spawn and "press G" to enter)
    * Map Selection / Server Browser
    * All modes available for us to play
    - All selections and team choosing available for us to play
    * Cosmetic system
    - Customization of clothing, weapons and vehicles
    * Improved Squad System
    - In-Squad Voip System, or something better.
    * No microtransactions

    Twitch Channel: Joey A
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