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Will all the cards of the heroes make you stronger? - BATTLEFRONT 2

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edited January 2018
Personally I have a doubt, as you can see, my Darth Vader is with letter level 29, with 3 cards that I combine, they are the only ones I use, they are rare (purple), my doubt is, if I improve all the other cards (which I do not use) and improve / increase the level of Darth Vader's card, will he get stronger or not ?, is it just a piece of creation? Does anyone know what to say?



  • No it doesn't, but it should.
    This is how you teach scrubs:
  • It makes you a better vader, in this instance, having experienced different combinations and play styles. It also unlocks several emotes along the way.

    No, hero card level does not increase your hero's base power.
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