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If I let all cards level maximum (purple), does the hero get stronger?

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edited January 2018
Personally I have a doubt, as you can see, my Darth Vader is with letter level 29, with 3 cards that I combine, they are the only ones I use, they are rare (purple), my doubt is, if I improve all the other cards (which I do not use) and improve / increase the level of Darth Vader's card, will he get stronger or not ?, is it just a piece of creation? Does anyone know what to say?



  • Don't do it. Does nothing, but thats a good idea, maybe each additional rank gives your hero 1% more HP, DMG, shorter cooldowns.
    This is how you teach scrubs:
  • Does nothing, but looks hella cool.
    Check these posts out:
  • Does nothing, just looks cool.

    I know I'm a fool, but my heavy trooper is level 60 lol
  • LOL 'moroemmanaus'

    I'm brazilian too. =D
  • If you increase the other cards they just give you the abilities that the card says they grant, nothing else.

    Dice made a bad move decreasing the overall character ID levels to make it easier to become an epic character for each individual character and vehicle. Now you get epic level IDs really early for each character with nothing else to really work for with the character level IDs.
  • As long as you have 3 purple for each class hero you should be all set, that will still take some time though.
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