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How to fix (and perfect) Battlefront II

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In my experience, Battlefront II suffers from a few major issues that could really be fixed with relative ease. Doing so would also deal with a chunk of criticisms and improve the overall experience. So here is what I propose...


The current progression system is both confusing and frustrating. For starters, the loot crate system needs to be completely removed with one exception: cosmetic crates. Given the huge number of skins found in the files, and just how easily modders are adding more, it is clear that everyone would be happy to allow microtransactions to return with only cosmetics such as skins, emotes, etc.

Instead of acquiring star cards and such via loot crates, they should be earned simply by buying them with credits earned from matches. Furthermore, matches will also provide crafting parts, which are used to craft higher tiers of star cards once a star card has been purchased. Everything else besides cosmetics is earned from Challenges.

Finally, the "card level" system is gone completely. Each class and hero has a simple basic level that is increased by simply playing the game and earning score. The higher this level is, the higher the total number of upgrades which can be performed, and the more star card slots are available. Simple and easy.

All Heroes and Villains are unlocked by default.


In the campaign, there are objects that you can interact with which provide special tools and weapons. Putting this in multiplayer would be a huge addition. It would make these weapon crates into a strategic resource besides objectives that players would fight over. There are so many possibilities for what they could contain, such as special abilities normally used by Heroes and Reinforcements only, special support abilities for allies like damage or health (or armour) boosts, or even orbital bombardments.

Some more interaction would be appreciated, much like the extendable bridge on the Death Star II. These kinds of environment functions could even create traps or alter the environment slightly by locking certain doors, for example.

A simple fix for the Vanguard shotgun is to make it last indefinitely until deactivated, but give it only two shots at the maximum before shutting off. This increases the importance of good aim while keeping it from having the power to obliterate the entire enemy team like some have demonstrated.

I am still getting paired with people with much higher card levels and fully upgraded cards. Please try to fix matchmaking.

Iden Versio is still a pretty terrible Villain. She needs some heavy buffs.

Weapons now receive a slight buff when in an era that they are specific to. An icon beside each of these weapons in the weapon selection area will indicate which weapons are receiving these buffs. This will help preserve authenticity in regards to weaponry.

Prevent Palpatine from being able to electrocute enemies through walls.

Heroes and Villains now receive a slight buff when in an era that they are specific to. Also like weapons, an icon will indicate which Heroes/Villains are currently receiving these buffs.

Game Modes:

All I would like to see again is Supremacy, Drop Pod, and MAYBE Cargo.

Larger modes like Galactic Assault, Starfighter Assault, Strike, and Heroes vs Villains need to be available in Arcade.

Allow us to create private servers/playlists.

The number of players in Heroes vs Villains is equal to the total number of Heroes and Villains. For example, if there are eight heroes on the Light and Dark Sides, then there are 16 players at the maximum.


All I really want is for every planetary map to have three times of day: day, dawn, and night, at the minimum. Others, like fog on Endor, are merely bonuses. Kamino also needs a day setting, as shown in The Clone Wars.

Give the MTT, AAT, Lucrehulk Battleship, and Vulture Droid their proper CIS colour scheme.


A big chunk of depth for the campaign would be the ability to earn score while playing. This score could be devoted towards enhancing Iden's different attributes, such as increasing her health and giving her extra star card slots.

Let us shoot more door panels throughout the campaign. This was a feature only seen once, like playing as Iden's droid, which also needs to be a more common element.

The AI. Seriously. Please fix the AI. It is dumb beyond imagining.

This last one is a VERY big change, but if you added it, it would basically singlehandedly fix the game overall. I know from the trailers that there was a lot of cut content, and the fact that Iden Versio is a playable Villain who was never advertised as a Hero in the marketing, and the fact that the game was advertised as being from an Empire perspective suggests that the campaign may have been radically altered later in development. The fact that the early missions have gameplay elements that are never used again suggests this as well. If it is remotely possible, restoring whatever you had in mind for the story would be an instant improvement over what we got.

Aside from this, all we could ever want is more maps and heroes (especially from the prequels and Clone Wars). I hope these suggestions give you some ideas, and I hope even more that you may have already been considering them. If you are a dev who is reading this, then my sincere thanks for reading to the end and listening.
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