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Some Ideas to make the game miles better

Implement the following:

Conquest: For reference check 2005 BF2, the game sorely needs Conquest, even if not in the 2005 versions form, maybe in the style of Battlefield 1's operations.

Squad System: Similar to Battlefield 1's where you form squads and the leaders issue commands (make it so only level 20+ can form a squad) for players to follow and achieve better points, this would help noobs understand where to go and what to do a bit better. Also add an option to have your squad hunt heroes. This would also help with matchmaking.

Star Card trade in: Allow players to trade in star cards for 50% of the outlay in craft parts. SCS is now useless to me and id like 240 of my craft parts back at least.

Reduce Star Card Cost: Speaks again for itself, how can progression go from 40, 80, 120.....480, it makes no sense, increase Blue to 150 and drop purple to 300.

Better maps: Some of us actually like to flank and form some tactics or strategy, nothing in GA atm requires strategy or tactics.

Please continue this thread with ideas of your own please.....
I have honestly seen better games made by companies with 1/1000th of the budget and resources, how can a game be worse almost 1 year after launch than it was when it started./center]
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