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Bug & Request Report Definitive List (Post Patch 1.1) - No NERF/BUFF Requests

Post patch 1.1, and again reading through the forums, this (I hope) should be the definitive list of needed bug fixes and game requests, so they're all in one place. This should make it easier for the devs to look over.

I've checked through most of these that remain unfixed from launch, but please correct me if some of these have been addressed. I also haven't been able to test or verify PC bugs, only PS4.

COMMUNITY: Please add your own, but BE SENSIBLE in doing so. Read the list, and add yours in a similar fashion. If you can provide video evidence, then please do so. It will help illustrate the point you're making.

BUT PLEASE, leave the nerf/buff requests for weapons etc. DICE will be tracking how many kills people get with weapons and how effective they are, so leave it to them for now. I also believe they will be tracking wins and losses on maps and choke points in map stages to balance (they usually do).

So, in no particular order (and apologies again for any similar items/duplicates as I was going through):


- Daily crates and milestones not available on loading game. Forced to close application and start again for them to show (PS4)
- Mines, grenades, turrets should be active through death and not disappear/despawn
- Kashyyyk needs a complete overhaul to reduce lag and many assorted terrain bugs
- Menu loading time needs looking at and 100% GPU usage in menus for PC users
- Huge groups of players getting disconnected at the end of a round needs looking at (local servers disconnecting from the master, I believe)
- Fix colourblind modes not saving in UI
- Fix rolling mechanism completely negating saber damage
- Fix Darth Vader choke cancelling itself and subsequently stopping the player using other abilities
- Fix Palpatine and Rey ability use, also sometimes leaving the enemy without abilities
- Fix bug that makes Kylo Ren unable to block
- Fix bug where Boba Fett jetpack works for a split second and goes straight into cooldown
- Fix server selection on the "EA account" option that sometimes becomes invisible
- Fix Luke jumping higher when he uses force push mid-air
- Fix single player falling through map
- Fix Specialist Shield/Infiltrator/Melee exploit
- Fix Ion Shot being automatically assigned to weapons on start up
- Fix random voice chatter (i.e. your character can automatically broadcast their position when trying to be stealthy or flanking)
- Fix stinger pistol doing less damage as you upgrade
- Fix thermal binoculars not tagging enemies correctly or rewarding credits consistently
- Fix Weapon mod unlocks no longer unlocking for many after challenges completed or showing up a day later. Seems to work if you restart the game sometimes, and for some it never seems to unlock. Worse after Last Jedi DLC.
- Aerial class jet pack into wall takes more damage than it should
- Aerial fall damage after jet pack use needs a fix
- Stuck in various objects and terrain on many maps needs looking at
- Auto equipping attachments needs a fix
- Random game error on exit needs a fix
- Emoting and rolling causing character model and game to break needs a fix
- Unblock-able wookie and sentry bolts need a fix
- AI farming for battle points needs addressing (still exists)
- Overall lag needs to be looked at again
- Booster crates have the wrong names or descriptions
- Fix the bug report page so we can actually report bugs correctly
- Fix split screen arcade reverting to using Guest for player 2
- Fix Palpatine lightning through walls exploit
- Fix doors that do not disappear into a wall after they slid open. (Hoth GA small doorway that leads from the outside into the base, Death Star - Strike).
- Fix Attack/Defend Icons in Strike (Delivery missions) not updating its location/ not indicating the carrier's location.
- Fix issue where single player campaign progress keeps resetting -
- Han solo will drop multiple "detonate charges" upon being struck with a light saber, resulting in a potential insta kill for the full health Villain attacker.
- Equipped weapon auto equips the first two attachments available upon initial game start up for the play session.
- Grenades and other throw able's bounce off invisible walls when near a corner in 3rd person prospective.
- Upon starting an in progress match you cannot chose a class and are instead automatically spawned in as the assault class.
- On the first DLC multiplayer map "Crait" on the Resistance faction side you are auto spawned in as the assault class after choosing the speeder on phase one when no speeders are available, despite the check mark indicator being on speeder.
- On Blast or Strike game modes when attempting to spawn in as Enforcer or Aerial class character you are greeted with "not enough battle points" message in rounds two and beyond only.
- On Death Star 2 in Galactic assault phase one you are able to activate the right side objective from behind the console.
- On the first DLC multiplayer map "Crait" on the Resistance faction side you are auto spawned in as the assault class after choosing the speeder on phase one when no speeders are available, despite the check mark indicator being on speeder.
- Battlefront II crystal packs still showing up (i.e. Xmas presents), but not apparently redeemable -
- In menu, top right corner of the screen there's always alerts which keep appearing that show emotes that you've unlocked, even if you've already unlocked them.
- In menu, error alerts keep randomly appearing in the centre of the screen, especially when getting crates.
- In game, odd spawn points (there's even been times I've spawned way high in the sky and have dropped down).
- In game, at the beginning of each round when everyone is together all players are crouching for some reason.
- In game, random dead bodies keep randomly appearing and dropping, which I'm assuming is where players have recently died.
- Night vision and thermal binoculars don't work as intended 100% of the time. Sometimes it takes three of four times before they activate.
- Glitch before game is loaded on PS4 with half a white screen flickering up. Sometimes the game freezes at this point.
- Fix sudden loss of hero powers in HvV until you die - //
- Fix Character select menu popping up whilst playing
- Shooting not possible with certain characters/classes and other random controller buttons not working at all in game -
- Sometimes it says in queue and then never joins. Then you can’t click join again and you have to completely quit the game to join anything.
- Sometimes you join a party and click the button to join group and nothing happens. Then once again it breaks the game and you have to restart to join anything.
- Maz's Castle Strike objective hoggers need a fix. This happens all too often, with people camping the stairs with a flamethrower and not playing the objective.
- When I had opened 2nd modification on SE-44C, the night vision even when unequipped it didn't stay unequipped, until I unlocked the Rapidfire mod. Maybe add possibility to Toggle nightvision mods on/off
- Ingame (menu) damage numbers to compare different modifications dmg output vs Troopers/Vehicles and Objective Vehicles. (mostly conserning Ion/Disruptros mods) and Ease the comparsion between weapons in general.
- Add small (~2-5meter) radius where you can throw grenade through you teammates. So randomly strafing heavy doesn't bounce the Flashbang back to you.
- Thermal Binoculars, and other scope vision not showing all enemies that they should've
- Scramble infiltration shows enemies to teammates, but doesn't give out any "reward" out of it. Is this by desing or bugged so that it doens't add small "kill assist" point reward in game.
- Various Hero Star Cards not working --


- Reworking of level system - end game easy to achieve with little reward for doing so
- Online statistics and app as per BF1
- Collect your rewards in Career needs overhaul
- Rewards earned from challenges should be made available as soon as the challenge is complete, without the need to leave the game.
- Add some diminishing returns on roll. The game is just full of people rolling constantly, which ruins immersion
- Star Cards system needs UI overhaul to make more sense. Better UI would help.
- Enforcer power on Blast/Strike needs addressing - too easy for anyone to dominate in the smaller games giving a huge advantage and imbalancing the modes
- Improved arcade modes, matching the online game, offline
- Partner spawn implementation in certain modes
- Better matchmaking implemented
- Replace credits system with performance based system (fixes AFK issue)
- Added game modes for FFA, Cargo, CONQUEST, Walker Assault etc. from BF2015
- Players holding on to the objectives (deliverables) and not playing the game or just camping needs to be addressed somehow -
- Troopers only modes
- Post match screen improvements --
- Add FOV option on consoles
- Addition of clan tags
- Map/radar improvements
- Make objective clearer for new players
- More usable emotes - currently pointless having emotes in game
- Address Endor final phase choke points, making it too easy for the rebels.
- Add kill/death count to Blast since it's important to know who's helping the team and who's just wasting tickets
- Additional crosshair/reticles customisation. Too hard to see on some maps (Hoth for example)
- Add AI heroes to certain Arcade modes
- Party up system needs an overhaul
- Improve loot crate credit cost reductions and increased reimbursement for duplicates
- Adjust current 'Third person camera' so we can see our character's waist and legs(current doesn't allow to see character from waist) similar to Reinforcements and Heroes , Character should be visible at default FOV (such that no need to increase fov to see the character).
- Or Maybe add this as new 3rd person view option named 3p 'Character view', and name current view 3p 'over the shoulder'. Because many of us want to be able to see the characters we are playing properly.
- More indication of where are the targets scanned when Scan Dart is shot.
- Rolling Mechanic or Crouching must have different button assigned.
- Please consider adding gender option (aside from droids or clones) when planning customization for the future.
- Consider adding Anamorphic (21:9 with letter box) Aspect ratio Display toggle options across all platforms, This can be great playing in, considering the maps are so detailed like in movies.
- Add map name to character select screen (make map name more visible throughout)
- Blast/Strike Special Class Imbalance Suggestion: Implement a change so re-enforcements of that type are only available if one team is losing by a certain margin. This will also make the matches closer than they are at present.
- Please fix the milestone rewards cannot be claimed until the next day bug.
- Add option to search for preferred map (like in BF2015)
- Address Under Covered Skies scavenger award glitch where the item doesn't register on the rewards page (vaguely covered here, but also applies to other awards not tracking correctly - )
- Address issue where people are refusing to spawn until a hero is available for them to play.
- Consider bombers for both sides on Last Jedi Starfighter Assault maps
- Show player level/rank on scoreboard
- Request: Guns with two zoom modes stay in the previously selected zoom mode
- Request: Selectable custom loadouts for each class
- Request: Sniper "glare" should be reduced. It's way too obvious as is.
- Fix saving "preferred" trooper class, since sometimes the game spawns you immedialty as assault in the game.

PSN: TheSuperWaz // XBL: TheSuperWaz
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