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Highly detailed hero concepts for the PT/OT/RO

Me and my friend put a lot of effort into this and I'd be honored if some could acknowledge it and maybe even take some inspiration for some future content :) (wink wink @Sledgehammer70 @Firewall)

Mace Windu -

Health: 750

Ability 1: Shatter point - Mace takes a moment to take focus on up to 5 enemies, leaving them more vulnerable to damage (decreases the enemies armor basically) for 10 seconds, making him able to okh assault and officers. 16 second cooldown

Ability 2: Vapaad - Each enemy that hits mace or his block during the duration of this ability will lose 25 health per shot/saber swing . 26 second cooldown

Ability 3: Ground pound - Mace leaps then slams the ground with his lightsaber which throws enemies ahead of him into the air and gives their screen a heavy motion blur effect. 14 second cooldown

Emotes = ''This party's over'' // ''You are under arest'' // ''We're keepers of the peace, not soldiers.'' // ''You have lost''

Anakin Skywalker -

Health: 700

First ability: Daring Jedi - for 12 seconds Nearby allies gain a unique buff in which enemies who shoot either Anakin or an ally that was affected by DARING JEDI will have their blaster overheat 50% faster for 6 seconds. 18 second cooldown.

Second ability: Saber flurry - Anakin charges forwards and performs a spinning, 360 degree saber attack when the ability button is pressed again. 11 second cooldown

Third ability: Force Crush - Throws all enemies in front of him to the ground dealing 100 damage, then deals damage overtime - 10dmg per/sec for 5 seconds. 14 second cooldown/blockable

Emotes = ''This where the fun begins'' // ''You understimate my power'' // ''I'm not the Jedi I should be.'' // ''I don't like sand. It's coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere''

Count Dooku -

Health = 700

Ability 1: Lightning Blast - A powerful blast of lightning that does 150 damage and stuns one foe. Can be performed while blocking or swinging. 14 second cooldown

Ability 2: Mikashi Mastery - Dooku's saber swings are 2X faster and blocked saber swings have double the stamina toll on the opponent, this effect lasts for 8 seconds. 16 second cooldown

Ability 3: Lighting throw - Grabs several enemies in front of him and then throws the grabbed enemies to a direction of your choice dealing 50 damage. 8 second cooldown

Emotes = ''I've been looking foward to this'' // ''Brave, but foolish'' // ''I have become more powerful than any Jedi'' // ''Surely you can do better!''

Jango Fett -

Weapon: WESTAR-34

Health: 500

Melee: does not have one

Has a jump pack just like boba.

Ability 1 : Saber Dart - Shoots a dart out of his gauntlet dealing 150 damage if it directly hits the target , and at impact releases dioxis where it lands(slighty less range and damage when compared to Bossk's dioxis grenade). 15 second cooldown

Ability 2: Dual wielding - Is able to dual wield his WESTAR-34 for 10 seconds, where he gains 2x times the fire rate and damage, but looses the ability to aim loosing accuracy. 10 second cooldown

Ability 3 - Wrist Laser: Puts his blaster pistols away and becomes able to fire deadly and pin point accurate blaster bolts from his wrist for 6 seconds, deals 75 damage per second, it also breaks lightsaber block. 27 second cooldown

Emotes = ''I'm just a simple man trying to make my way into the universe'' // ''My client is getting impatient'' // ''We won't be seeing this one again''// ''You should've hired me first''

Dengar -

Weapon: DLT-19

Health: 700

Melee = Vibroknife

Ability 1: Maximum firepower - Dengar's DLT-19 gains the cooling cell effect, an increased fire rate, increased damage and the explosive shot effect for 8 seconds. 16 second cooldown

Ability 2: Dirty player - Dengar does a quick dash, leaving behind an enhaced smoke grenade with an enchanced incediary grenade inside while he also throws multiple shock grenades around him outside of the smoke. 25 second cooldown

Ability 3: No escape Dengar swaps over to his personal enchanced Valken-38x sniper to hunt foes at a distance, lasts for 10 seconds. 6 second cooldown.

Emotes = ''I'm not just a pretty face'' // ''This is my grateful face'' // ''Like I said, MORE TOYS, HAHAHAHA''// ''I can hear the credits calling my name. Dengaaaar''

Padme -

Weapon: ELG-3A

Health: 600

Ability 1 : Astromech support - the astromech will place a shield, the shield has considerably less health and less range than Leia's shield, but it has the medical droid effect. (it will release waves of bacta which heals 50 health for each spray) Padme can command the droid where it goes by aiming and pressing the ability button again, the closer Padme is to the droid, the faster it's health/shield will regenerate. 20 second cooldown

Ability 2: Agressive negotiations All allies around her, Padme included will gain a 30% damage increase aswell as dealing extra melee damage. 14 second cooldown

Ability 3: Senator Assistance for 10 seconds, enemies who damage Padme or her astromech droid will get revealed through the environment for all allies, the revealed enemies receive 25% more damage from all damage sources. 10 second cooldown .

Emotes = ''I call this agressive negotiations'' // ''So this is how liberty dies'' //''I will not condone a course of action that will lead us to war.'' //''I was not elected to watch people suffer and die''

Orson Krennic -

Weapon: DT-29

Health: 650

Ability 1: C2-B5 Astromech - Krennic deploys an Astromech droid equipped with a small Squad Shield. If a Rebel soldier gets too close, the droid will release deadly fire and will also stun the enemy, Krennic can command where the droid goes by aiming where he wishes it to go and pressing the ability button again, the closer Krennic is to the droid, the faster it's health/shield will regenerate. 26 second cooldown.

Ability 2: Director Of Advanced Weapons Research - For 10 seconds Krennic receives 6 extra bullets, if a deathtrooper or a fellow villain is in the range of the buff, Krennic and the death trooper/villain also receive 50 extra health. 10 second cooldown

Ability 3 : Wrath of the Empire - Krennic and all allies around him gain 130 extra health and damage reduction, while also having their abilities recharging faster and the cooling cell effect

Emotes = "Oh, it's beautiful." // "We were this close to providing peace and security for the galaxy" // The breaches have been filled, the enemy has been silenced // "Are we blind ??? DEPLOY THE GARRISSON, move''

Jyn Erso -

Weapon: A-180

Health : 600

Ability 1: Combat enhancer - For 10 seconds, Jyn's health regen begins immediatly, she also gains the cooling cell effect and gains damage reduction against blasters and explosives and will also gain 50 extra health. 8 second cooldown

Ability 2: Sonic imploder - Has the damage and the range of a thermal detonator, but also blinds enemies, its a charge based ability that starts with 2 charges.

Ability 3: Truncheon surge - Truncheon surge is a toggle ablity which allows jyn to user her truncheon which acts similarly to a lightsaber but with a slower swing speed. It deals 150 damage per strike

Emotes = ''Maybe we should leave target practice behind'' // ''I'm not used to people sticking around when things go bad'' // ''The time to fight is now!'' // "This Is Our Chance To Make A Real Difference."

Cassian Andor -

Weapon: A280-CFE (Three round burst attachment)

Health: 600

Ability 1: Blaster Configuration - Cassian is able to toggle between his normal Rifle to his Sniper Configuration, or back from Sniper to Rifle. His Sniper mode deals 150 damage for a body-hit, but overheats after 4 shots .

Ability 2: Espionage Tactics - Cassian jams the radars of all opponents within 20 metres and also forces their star cards and hero abilities into cooldown. Cassian and nearby allies will also have their abilities/star cards recharge faster. 16 second cooldown

Ability 3: Advanced Intel - For 10 seconds, any enemy that is in, or enters Cassian’s vision gets outlined for the next 16 seconds for Cassian and everyone on his team. They also take 25% more damage from all sources. Any enemy killed while highlighted gives Cassian an assist, along with a 25 point “weakening bonus". This ability can be used in the background, so it can be used while scoped in, while running, or while shooting (or any other action he can perform), without interfering. 20 second cooldown

Emotes = ''Make ten men feel like 100''// "I'm Beginning To Think The Force & I Have Different Priorities." // "If You're Really Doing This, I Want To Help." //''I Couldn't Face Myself If I Gave Up Now."

IG-88 -

Weapon: E-11

Health: 650

Special feature: Due to his robotic nature, he has a unique health system: Explosives deal 50% less damage, normal blaster fire deals normal damage, and Ion damage deals 25% more damage. However, ion torpedoes and vehicle turrets cannot lock onto him

Ability 1: DAS-430 Neural Inhibitor - A projectile launcher that fires one green blast on the ground which lasts for 16 seconds. The projectile creates a 360° magnetic field 7 metres wide. Whoever gets caught in the magnetic field has their movement speed and aim speed decreased by 75% (heroes only 50%) although heroes with dash abilities will able to use them without the slowdown effect to get out of the field instantly or accelerate their way out, also whoever is inside the magnetic field will lose 15 hp per second. This doesn't affect IG-88 in any way. 20 second cooldown

Ability 2: Sonic Stunner - IG-88 changes his E-11's firing mode to start firing painful blaster bolts that blind, deafen, and greatly reduce the accuracy of anything they touch for 5 seconds. Active for 6 seconds, 60 damage per bolt, 90 per bolt if they are more than 30 metres away

Ability 3: Flamethrower - IG-88 starts firing deadly flames from his wrist. Very large AOE (basically the same range as damage with a flametrooper using overload) although it slows down his movement speed by 25%

Emotes = ''Bep poop bip'' // ''Bop pip pip''//''Bip bip bip'' //'' bop bop bip''
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  • Awesome ideas dude, do you mind making some more, possibly for rouge one characters like bohdi or baze?
    Rebel Friend for Battlefront 2
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