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Endor - Starfighter Assault

I don’t usually ask for balance changes, but this map took me 12 attempts to win as attacker and when we finally did, it was because we outnumbered the defenders 12 to 8 and our entire team was actually doing the objective.
As someone who generally goes for the objective, I’ve never been fond of the “turkey shoot Defense while attackers struggle to shoot inanimate objects”.But at least the other SA maps (not including D’Qar) are relatively balanced.
Having to kill 3 separate corvettes is doable, though you lose a lot of tickets. Mines are a little better, assuming you don’t crash into the tiniest piece of metal sticking out. But then you get to the cruiser where you have to take out the stuff on top, both sides, then on the bottom, same thing, and then finally the engine. During this entire last phase you only have whatever tickets you had left from the previous phases which eat up a lot of lives.
It’s a bit much and I’ve only ever seen Attackers win this map once before. Perhaps there should be a few less objectives in the last phase. I’m not saying go overboard #RIP-SCS but still... trying to complete Aggressor milestone will drive people insane, especially when there’s no map filter in this game.


  • Over 20 attempts still have yet to win this map. I have yet to loose one match in Endor defending. I am curious what is the exact win/loss ratio for attacking and defending teams. I think this should be on the agenda for SA. That along with adding more villain hero ships to balance out choices.
  • bfloo
    14992 posts Member
    I won it over the weekend, but we had 9 players vs 3 on the other team.

    Dullest game ever
    The Knights of Gareth are Eternal

    Pirate of the Knights of Gareth


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