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Best Starfighter Star Cards?

I'm currently working on cleaning up the last few multiplayer challenges in Starfighter Assault, and tend to get my butt handed to me by other Starfighters

I was just wondering whats a recommended setup for the 3 starfighter classes and some of the Hero ships? I'm not a fantastic pilot by any means but it's pretty obvious star cards make a much bigger difference with Starfighters than other classes


  • On a Starfighter, I use the ones that increase Primary and Torpedo damage.
    On an Interceptor, Advanced Capacitors is a must as the primary weapons need extra cooling.

    Basically, increasing the weapon damage does the trick.
  • Saber91
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    Engine upgrade, afterburner cool down, and tuned lasers for interceptor.

    I don't really use the others because they're too slow, but for fighter I would put reinforced hull, tuned lasers, and health regen
  • I think a lot of it depends on what ship you're using and what you're trying to do with the ship.

    I used the star cards that improve damage output from blasters, laser barrage, and torpedoes so that I could farm hero ships for the milestone. However, since this is a fairly versatile class, other builds would also be valid.

    Upgrading the Interceptor's speed and turn radius makes the most sense to me, since that is this ship's primary strength and you're just building on the ship's existing strengths. Upgrading the primary weapon, cooling, or laser barrage also makes sense, as well.

    Upgrading the ion turret, the torpedoes, and the primary weapon damage makes sense to me, since you're using this ship primarily for its damage output, probably against objectives.

    I won't go into much detail about the hero ships, but it makes sense to me to upgrade the things that the hero ships do that other ships can't; for example, upgrading Yoda's ion burst or Poe's Black Leader ability makes sense, since you only get those abilities for that particular ship. There are also some "generic" cards that certain heroes get better benefits from than others; for example, Tallie Lintra's ship gets a bonus of up to 40% increased turn radius, whereas most other hero ships only get up to 20%. Therefore, choosing something like this makes sense, since you are only going to be able to get that big of an improvement for that particular hero.

    In the end though, it really just comes down to what your personal strategy is, and what you hope to accomplish.
  • It is mission dependent in my opinion.
  • rollind24
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    I dropped the card that increases enemies missile lock on time. I found it annoying since I’d have the lock on warning longer. I’d prefer they just launch and get my maneuver over with to avoid it and put them on cool down.
  • Darth_Cerebus
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    It really depends on how you like to play. I do health, primary damage and weapon ability cards on the fighters, then the primary overheat and damage, then the weapon ability for interceptors because I do not play the interceptors in anything involving maps with X-wings and TIE fighters. Bombers is just straight up damage and total health. It's all on how you want your playstyle to handle. If you're doing the torpedo milestones, heavily recommend every torpedo card you can. THey are nightmarish and horribly thought out. It's the Dark Souls of Battlefront milestones.
  • I always use the defensive ones because I don’t like getting killed quick.
  • Turbomentor24
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    When selecting starcards you might want to look at a hero starship's attributes that can be brought higher than your opposing teams maneuverability, engine heat dissipator times, and offensive weapon systems, so for what I believe could be the best star cards for a handful of hero starships, see below.

    Iden's Tie: I like the Engine Upgrade, Elite Pilot, and Reinforced Hull. Elite pilot gives you a way to maneuver your ship to ease evasion of missiles which is a good thing to learn if you want to be the last one standing in space.

    Tallie Lintra: I'm really not advanced enough to have fully acquired each of her starcards however, I've been successful with engine upgrade, tactical jammer (essential if evasion is one of your priorities), also the targeting computer can give you missile launch speeds of Luke.

    Han Solo Millennium Falcon: For the style of flying I employ, I like the Engine Heat Dissipator maxed. I've found many adversaries will tuck behind my ship and fire so many missiles at me until I make a mistake or they hit me. So, I chose the dissipator to increase the ship speed, and evade missiles better at the same time, without the need for an engine upgrade.

    The Millennium Falcon is a heavy machine and many dinamics go into how it flies. So to make the job of maneuvering your craft easier, it's better to invest in gunslinger accuracy. To maximize the effectiveness of that starcard, make sure you get Cookie Engineering, er excuse my autocorrect Wookie Engineering Lol these starcards should make your ship able to evade almost anything given you know how to maneuver your ship to put an obstacle between yourself and a dark side ship. I like going near a Star Destroyer's bridge and flying in circles, augmentors churning minimal intervals of maximum thrust, and allowing the dark side ships to follow me around in circles, eventually they either get outmaneuevered and eliminated in a head on (which no opposing dark side ship can win) or they make a mistake by chasing me into the crevices the Millenium Falcon can go but the dark side ships cannot. So Engine Heat Dissipator, Gunslinger accuracy, and Wookie Engineering. You should be out of sight, on your way to some location from which you can pounce on the closest opposing team ship. Tactically it is better to use your special mods to utilize Wookie Engineering to engage ships that look for a closing joust. It's a sad game but wow it's fun.
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  • X wing fighter: defensive upgrade (droid health), laser barrage damage, tuned lasers
    Tie: Same but swap defensive for hull

    Interceptor: Fire rate, tuned lasers, overheat

    Bomber: Ion Cannon tuned lasers and overheat
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  • My default set ups -

    Fighter: Tuned Lasers, Torps Damage, and Hull Increase.
    Interceptor: Advanced Capacitors, Fire Cycler and Elite Pilot.

    I don't use the bomber.

    However for the fighter and interceptor I find those tend to work best for me.
  • Most of the builds people have suggested are the ones I am using. I usually use only interceptors, except for imperials where I go with bombers when attacking or fighters on Fondor. For interceptors (my "main class") I usually go with slower heating and higher damage and the third depends on my mood.

    However I would highly advise to avoid the torpedo cards unless you want the extra damage for the objectives. They are easy to avoid as a regular ship.
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  • Typically, my philosophy is to increase damage output as much as possible (fire cyclers/advanced capacitors/etc) on all ships with the exception of the tanks (bombers/falcons/slave 1), where I invest in health improvements to make them even tankier. Best defense is a good offense but the tanks are going to take hits no matter what, so give yourself and opportunity to get back to friendly fire in the hopes that someone else diverts their attention (or swats them off your back).
  • best overall star cards that works for any starfigther in no particular order:

    -engine upgrades
    -health bonus
    -turn rate
    -rate of fire
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  • I forgot how helpful you pilots can be :)

    Anyway, even though the OP posted this almost a year ago, I'll add my 2 cents.

    I mostly play the Objective and engage enemy starfighters as they appear between me and the Objective, so I'm looking to do the most damage possible with Blasters. I use dumb-fired missiles for big or slow-moving targets, and occasionally lock on to enemy Hero ships to get them off their targets. When I'm defending, I find that the same cards work well for most engagements.
    I try to improve fire-rate and damage as much as possible. If the ship has an Astromech, I'll upgrade that for more time around the Objective. Wait until you're at around half health and then use it to fully restore your health. If there's no Astromech, I'll use Repair Systems (start taking fire = use Afterburner to get away and wait until fully repaired to rejoin the fight.)
    • Fighter: Tuned Lasers, Reinforced Hull, Defensive Upgrade (if ship has an Astromech) or Repair Systems.
    • Interceptor: Tuned Lasers, Advanced Capacitors, Fire Control Cycler (for increased fire-rate).
    • Bomber: Tuned Lasers, Advanced Capacitors, Defensive Upgrade (either Improved Astromech or Longer Countermeasures active time) .

    The Bomber Defensive Upgrade for Dark Side ships is awesome because it instantly breaks missile lock and causes your targeting circle to disappear for as long as it's active, making you a harder target to kill.
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  • reinforced hull and tuned lasers are ones i recommend. mostly just ones that upgrade the star fighter itself rather than its ability's (except for seismic charge. seismic charge is totally worth it)
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