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Star Wars Battlefront II - Community 1:1 - Updated with Dev responses



  • If Anakin makes it into the game, would he be voiced by Matt Lanter?
  • Will Micro-Transactions be making a return with crystals? I for one would pay for extra character skins like Anakin for Vader and vice versa,Boba-fett for Jango? There are loads of options?
  • One thing I, and I think most people, miss from the first game is the ability to chat in between rounds. Are you planning on adding this feature back?
  • Hi There:) Can we please know anything about season 2??? Grievous? Obi-wan? Just some sort of confirmation of what to expect. Also will we see characters from Rebels or Clone wars???
  • When are we getting that lit trash compactor emote from the Kinect star wars dance game that leaked a while ago?
  • will we see zombies?
  • Any chance that we can see Clone Commandos as a possible reinforcement in the near future? Maybe even some new modes squad based game modes?
  • Will we be seeing Trooper/Player( Ex: 212th, 501st, different rebel races) customization in either season 2, season 3 or a future season?
  • Hi Sledgehammer/EA,Hope you had a gr8 new year.Will we be seeing the Clone-wars era for the upcoming season or afterwards? I think I speak for the whole community when I say we desperately want to see heroes like "Obi-wan-kenobi,Anakin,Grievious and Count-Dooku?
  • Hi there, I just want to know when we can expect Season 2 news, whether or not it's this month or next? Thank you!
  • Is there a chance we could see the "Hunt" game mode return to Battlefront. I love running around as Ewoks and attacking people with Wompas.
  • Any Chance on getting Echo or fives from the clone wars tv show? They were my favourite clones and I would love to see them in battlefront
  • Any news on general grievous and season 2. Im dying for some confirmation.
  • hlongdon43
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    Can you tell us when we are getting season 2? If not can you tell us which era it will cover as people will be leaving the game if it isn't clone wars.
    Also can you add a chat feature for those that play on console so you can discuss tactics with your team for objectives and stuff like that. Possibly voice chat as well but at least text chat like how pc players have.

  • Hello thanking you for being supportive towards the community that plays Battlefront 2 1. can we get Qui-Gon Jinn as a playable hero in Battlefront 2 for the first time 2. have the supercharged Sentry last 20 seconds but Nerf the damage output 5 seconds is to short for a mini gun. 3. 1 V 1 lightsaber duels with Sabre locking enabled in the match 4. some of the Starfighter assault Maps cutscenes do not load can we get a fix for that.5. are we going to be having Felucia Geonosis utapau Mustafar Thank you hoping to hear back and may the force be with you always.
  • Are we ever going to get era exclusive heroes once enough heroes are released for each era?
  • Platform: PS4

    What is the word on crystals are they just to look pretty and buy loot boxes with them? needs more.

    Stutter is minimal but still present on PS4 GA.

    Speed of classes seemed different now why was that changed? made sense that heavy would be slower.

    CR-2 and Blurgg there ranges are too much. please fix. so many people mention it for a reason.

    Keep up the great work. thanks EA/Dice

  • Is there any plans to change existing star cards (ones that are never in use or overused) or add new ones to pre existing classes and heroes?
  • What about more arcade game modes and clone wars content in multiplayer?
  • Okay, first - I an NOT here to hate on this game. On the contrary, I love it. However, there is a performance problem. It is not related to any settings I can figure out, and it's not a bottleneck I can see. It's also fairly widespread, with numerous threads around teh interwebs about it, but no real, working, meaningful solutions.

    The game stutters. Badly. The worst is in-game, but even when it's revealing Starcards (in fact, that is the most reliable place to see it - EVERY SINGLE TIME I reveal star cards, there's a slight stutter).

    In-match, it's worst at the start of the match, but it sometimes happens throughout. It's not only distracting enough to pull you out of the moment, it can also get you killed. A lot.

    It's happened across drivers (Latest NVidia being used on my GTX1070). I have a Core I7-4770K running at the stock 3.5GHz. This happens independent of any percentage of CPU usage - it happens at 90%, it happens at 20%, and it's usually between 45-65% in-game.

    It's not the sound card. I replaced that, too. Soundblaster X AE-5.

    I'm running on a nice Samsung SSD 840 PRO drive.

    I have a LOT of games, and many just as or more intense graphically and CPU-wise as this one. None of them have this issue. NONE.

    I'm a 20 year veteran IT guy and Windows Admin (well, a manager now for some time, but I still know my ****). All drivers and updates are current and applied. No big rogue processes running anywhere. This machine runs damn near flawlessly, and I use it for EVERYTHING - surfing, phone calls, games, music and video production - EVERYTHING.

    It's not an end-user problem, but it is a problem. You guys need to acknowledge it and fix it. I had hoped it would be in the 1.1, but no.

    Help me E-A-Wan Kenobi. You're my only hope.
  • Will we be seeing many more hero emotes and skins in the future? And I mean a lot of skins such as Chewbacca with C3PO on his back, Hooded Maul, and Bespin Luke?
  • Any plans on a map selector like there was in the last Battlefront?

    I'd like to choose what map I play instead of it being picked for me at random
  • TRF444
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    Hello! I have 2 questions: 1 What era in will be the next DLC season?

    2 Why the clones dont have the voice of Teumera Morrison if he the voice actor of Boba fett?(and the face of the clone officer is Morrisons face)
  • Will we ever be able to choose where our trooper star cards go (besides the middle ability). It seems off to have the trip mine replace the thermal binoculars and not the shock grenade, and the barrage replace the combat shield and not the impact grenade. We should be able to choose which 2 cards go where and which two we want to use, so be able to have the barrage and combat shield in the same loadout. Thoughts on this?
  • Can we get the Heavy’s DC-15 to be held with stock against shoulder like the TL-50? It doesn’t make sense for it to be hip fired, as it wasn’t used as a hip fire weapon often if at all. It’s held shoulder mounted when crouched, so I imagine it shouldn’t be too hard. Also, could we have it be relatively the same RoF as the Assault’s default DC-15? It’s my favorite weapon in the game, but the RoF is too high, and I don’t think it should be hip fired.
  • Are there any plans to add a sever browser to pc rather than matchmaking to compensate for the low player count and so that players aren't put in foreign servers?
  • Do you think it will be possible to have really in Dept customization like e.g. for rebels and resistance you can pick your face or what race/alien you are and put on different clothing. And for clones and Stormtroopers if we could put on custom decals and camos to make our own troop and heck custom armour e.g visor color what phase or hybrid phase, bigger shoulder pauldrons, the thing you wear over your shoulders which I forget the name and even "skirts" which I can't remember the name of and if we see offensive stuff like d**ks and swastikas and other racist things we.could just report it and the person get a ban or something if so I will stay playing and will be happy thank you and good day
  • Hello, thank you for doing this.. I love this game and im soo happy you took out the loot box crap...
    I would love to see a poe hero outside of star fighter assault.. I feel like Poe is a huge hero in this new generation, and i would love to use him in galactic assault, and heroes vs. villains. Also. I would love to see more customization for the main menus.. let my characters look like any generation and faction i would wish. thanks again for making an awesome game!
  • Junus
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    I think you guys have done an excellent job with the visual of the game, but there is just one slight problem that seems to annoy me when I really think about it. It's the blaster bolts...

    They just seem way to small..
    This was a thing Battlefront (2015) did right. You could really see the beauty above you, mostly because of the bright flashes and colourful bolts.

    I know this is a really silly thing to ask for, but me and many other people would very much appreciate it, if you just did a small texture update on the blaster bolts.
  • tommytom64
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    What does the future of matchmaking hold? Are you looking into making tweaks with the current matchmaking system? Many would like to see, from my observations, features such as map selection, private matches, and map voting. Personally, I'd really like to see the proper implementation of a functional server browser and perhaps server rentals and/or custom games. Matchmaking is of course a vital component in keeping the game alive and community vitalized, so what can we perhaps look forward to in the future, even if small improvements?
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