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Star Wars Battlefront II - Community 1:1 - Updated with Dev responses



  • can I get a bacta bomb and a jump pack?
    Ace speeder pilot. playa from day 1 when shift was real
  • Is there a possibility of getting a new V.O for Unmasked Kylo Ren?

    Will we be able to select our hero skin before a game? For instance if I want to play with Masked Kylo Ren on Takodana and then if the next map rotation is Crait play him with the Unmasked Skin.

  • 1. Would love to see some tweaks about chat especially be able to write during the ending cutscene and also the chat window shouldnt be covered while the player is dead.

    2. Also would love to see fixes on Naboo hangar map for Heroes vs Villains where Boba Fett can fly out of the map and cannot be killed also Bossk can survive falling down on a lower levels in a generator room, also pretty hard to kill after that.

    3. Can we expect Qui-gon Jinn ?

  • I think the game is really great, and I am patient enough for season 2 content, but I'm really curious as to when we are getting more night time varieties for maps that don't have them? Also, I would like to have a DLC map in the future that takes place on a Star Destroyer or something like that.
  • So what are the plans to improve team play?
    When is the new Squad System coming that you guys talked about back in the Nov Q&A??
  • Can you make the Rey and kylo deluxe skins available in crates? Also can you please release the trooper and hero skins that are already in the game
  • Tombom
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    Why is there still a Vader choke glitch
    Why is Palpatine so powerful still
    Why is chewy so powerful
    Why is luke so weak
    Why is boba gun so weak
    Why doesn't iden shock work
    Why don't hero emotes work
    Why is there a bug that suddenly takes L1 and R1 or LB and RB powers away
    Let's see some cool updates and dlc
  • EightMile wrote: »
    can I get a bacta bomb and a jump pack?

    Bacta bomb maybe but the jumpack was removed from the standard classes for a reason. For the bacta bomb I think it should only be available for the officer class because it is more of a support class. That way you won't have people consistently spamming the bacta bomb when they are on low health and it will encourage more team play.
  • Also, If we get it, will Galactic Conquest have its own personal progress for individuals?
  • Can you watch some youtube videos for potential hero skins? TBH i would pay micro-transactions for some skins if that means that i can support the game
  • There will be an HvV starfighter edition? I hope so, It would be totally crazy and fun.
  • I liked the mobile app for the 2015 Battlefront. Can we expect something like that, but better, to be returning for Battlefront II?
  • Are private matches in the works? If so, when do you think they will be released. Those are a necessity.
  • Question 11: Any new Hero, Villain, assault, heavy, officer, specialist, Enforcer, Ariel, armor, artillery, speeder, fighter, Interceptor, bomber, other land vehicle appearances, skins or looks?

    Question 12: Any new Classes?

    Question 13: Are micro transactions going to return?

    Question 14: Any new weapons, upgrades, boost cards, ability cards, emotes, Victory poses?
  • I don't think I am alone when I'm saying this, and hopefully you guys will listen to us. :)

    I like almost all the maps, but the one map that keeps poking me is Endor. It was my favourite map in the first Battlefront, but in Battlefront II It is way to tiny.

    Is there any possibility for you guys to extend the map a little more? While also adding a daytime version on the map, and add more "tree houses" aswell.
  • So Star Wars Rebels has been such an amazing series so far, and I really, REALLLY want Ezra Bridger as a Hero for SWBF 2 AND i cant wait for customization, great work!
  • I have to 2 questions.
    1. Will we see any content from the clone wars tv shows, especially the clones like Rex, Fives, Fox, etc?
    2. Is there an app, similar to the one for the first battlefront to keep track of stats and progress, in development.
  • Question 15: Any new Hero or Villain Ships?
  • Is there any chance of seeing clashes as in the previous game but the heavy attacks not as an ability and chain combos (like in the gameplay trailer and the launch trailer) at some point?
    Any chance of quit the cross-era heroes when we get enough heroes for each era?
  • Is it same to presume most characters with starfighters will get theirs with their ground release? Like grievous's soulless one and Obi wand Jedi star fighter
    Top favorite heroes and villains missing:
    Ahsoka, Rex, Padme, Cody, Mace
    Ventress, Bane, Thrawn, Jango, Savage
  • Also will the campaign continue the story of Zay Versio? I personally want to see more of anthology campaigns tied with the season. So if its a clone wars era season, than the campaign should be based in the clone wars. just an idea.
  • Are we going to get a fix for the stuttering bugs? A lot of us cannot play the game because of this annoying bug.
  • Can you give us any details on how you will be changing the progression system and when we can expect see to see it implemented or is it still too early to ask about it yet?
  • When will the deathtrooper have their e-11d blasters instead of the dlt 19 ? Also , will they receive a buff in their health & speed ?
  • When do we get a fine addition to our collection of content? ;)
  • Question 18: Split-Screen or multiplayer team campaign?

    Question 19: Private matches?

    • Do you have an idea about when Ahsoka Tano could be added to Battlefront 2 ?

    • What version of Ahsoka will we be seeing in game ? Teenage Ahsoka with green and yellow lightsabers ? Or Adult Ahsoka with white lightsabers ? Is there a possibility for both ?

    • If the teenage version is added, will we be seeing Asajj Ventress as the villain ?

    • And if Ahsoka from Star Wars Rebels is added, will we be getting the Seventh Sister as the villain ? (Plus an ability to fly with the ****'s lightsaber would be AMAZING and it would add so much creativity, making her very unique)
  • michaelgiberson69
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    What are the new upcoming hero's is mace windo coming
  • Can we get confirmation on Season two being clone wars themed?
    You guys are gonna make me rich......
    Xbox G-tag
    That Specialist rework was disappointing.

  • For Acrda/Skirmish what are the chances of having:

    The Ability to have choose the factions on any map such as playing naboo I could pick clones and for the enemy I could pick first order.

    The Option to turn off boundaries. As fun as Arcade is the maps so far are quite small. Getting rid of the Boundaries would be a **** fine thing.

    Having Vehicles to use. Possible with different factions such as playing naboo clones vs first order you could have vehicles that are compatible with the map.

    Better AI. More of a request than Additoinal content. Sure the AI's better than Battlefront 2015 but It could be better in 2017. I mean Ive played games like halo with firefight and even campaign Ai that at times felt like real people. Just imagine if we had this in Battlefront 2. (Perhaps Respawn could help since there AI was pretty **** good in titanfall 2)

    More modes, Like star fighter and galactic would be amazing. Hero hunt as well and **** even strike but if you could do only two modes for offline I imagine 90% of the fanbase would want the most popular and biggest of them.

    the Ability to choose the time of day on the maps that support it. As of now if I want to play night most eisley I need to restart until I get it. Would be great if I could just choose the time.

    Setting Up a playlist. Hopefully when the game gets more offline modes I could setup a match to play galactic assault on multiple maps And when I finish the match and either set it up for the next round as the opposite team or if I don't after I finish the match then it could go to a star fighter map and so on.

    I am sure this all sounds insane. But Dice if you are able to pull these off not only would the gaming community praise you. But it would show that you are willing to root for the single player guys. Which will get you more revenue later on. I mean I play the OG BF and BF2 still cause I can come back to it a decade plus later and still enjoy it.

    I hope to say the same thing for your Battlefront.
  • When general grievous and obi-wan are put into the game. Can they have an interaction where obi-wan says: "hello there"?
  • 2 Questions from me

    1. Will Ahsoka Tano and Asajj Ventress be in the Game as future DLC
    2. And Will there be a new Chapter for the Campaign as Future DLC
  • Will a battle royale gamemode ever be added to the game? I'm pretty sure lots players would enjoy it.
  • Are we going to get more hero skins? I would really like to have Bespin Luke skin with a blue ligthsaber from episode V. Not the most important feature, but it would give the player more options alongside star cards to make their hero a bit more unique.
  • Number 1: are you going to give us a proper conquest mode I’m not talking about just adding command posts I’m talking maybe resizing or redesigning maps that we already have to fit a conquest game mode or making new maps specifically for conquest that differ from the ga maps like kashyyk for example a remake or something to be big enough or like the old conquest maps

    Number 2: Are we going to fix the progression system, to have to hope that the rng gods bless me with enough good star cards and parts to actually make them better is terrible, and need I say anything that potentially note I said potentially we don’t know as to weather or not your going to make these crates we get said star cards from able to be bought with money the single handed one thing no one wants no matter how bad of an idea the crate progression is.

    Number 3: Are we going to see more cooperative modes, to be able to jump into a conquest with a buddy like in the old battlefront 2 and it just be you your best bud and the ai bots was phenomenal and i can’t even describe how desperate people who love Star Wars and make YouTube videos or stream it would love to make servers or have invite sessions for their viewers

    Number 4: Are we going to be able to get in and out of vehicles like in the old games if their were to be a conquest, I understand that the way vehicles are now are their as little buffs to add on to the push in ga like it makes sense but to have an All out Star Wars battle in conquest the freedom to just jump into a vehicle and not have to have enough points to unlock one was amazing just like when your in battlefield and you jump in the tanks and roll around in it you have the choice to get out of it, if you feel like it I believe and a lot of others would to that we need this freedom in the game again because it’s irritating when your on Naboo or kashyyk or any map in ga right now to gain the points for the vehicle to either not be able to get it because someone else already did or to get into it only to be shot down and then loose all the battle points to only repeat the cycle and most of the time you never get to go back into the vehicle because their limited their isn’t enough immersion as the previous game battlefront 2 something everyone loves and wants from a battlefront 2 game

    Number 5: Are we going to get better lightsaber mechanics, as I stated in the last one about immersion the light saber mechanics are pretty bad in the game, as you see in other games like Star Wars Jedi academy and the previous battlefront 2 the lightsaber duels we’re better then they are now, for starters lightsabers should one hit its a lightsaber name one time you seen anyone in the films get hit with a saber across the chest and live, if you put 2 people with sabers against each other in the game right now their really isn’t no dueling or blocks against saber attacks it’s really just who ever hits who first wins or who has the more upgraded star card for damage theirs Soo much room for improvement so the player can feel like their participating in a cool lightsaber duel from the movies the games missing that iconic long drawn out light saber movie battle that was always so cool in the movies and Jedi academy.

    Number 6: Are we getting a lot of maps, when I ask this I mean like MAP maps the game has 17 at the moment but as a full game that this should have been at launch and how most games should be complete at launch nowadays we should have at least every map from the original battlefront 2 by the end of all these seasons or maybe even before to even have the right to consider this game a Star Wars battlefront 2 game like come on the battle of geonosis was an amazing map in the old game tantive IV, ren var, mustafar, utapau, dagobah, polis massa, mygeeto and many more were their at launch soo much variety in the old game it’s like you owe the old game as much to have all its maps in this one, I understand that their is dlc but to waste an opertunity for what could be real dlc like maps that were never in battlefront 2 that we all wanted for maps that we already had at launch for the original battlefront 2 is kinda pathetic

    Number 7: Are we getting all the classes from the old game, droidikas were they at, magma guards, shock troopers, the republic marine, bothan spy’s, shoot add the Ewoks and Tuscan raiders, Wampas and hawks, geonosians to the game back to what I said about imsersion were Are half the the dam special people in the game, you can see the Ewoks but you can’t play them like just the little things we all wanna see come back is missing you can be a Wookie on every planet but you can’t be a gungan on Naboo like think of something I don’t care but bring this back,

    Number 8: Are we getting better space battles, yeah I like space assault but it’s too much of an obj based game mode and it like ga is missing the freedom from conquest, so space conquest? I’m pretty sure a lot of people including myself are missing the flying into another space ship to help blow it up and just all out ship vs ship combat it’s definitely a must,

    Number 9: I know it’s a long shot because it’s an ea game but will we have mod support, I understand this is a triple a title but the last battlefront game has been alive for soo longe because what we didn’t get from it the fans put it in themselves like after all the seasons assuming we the players aren’t satisfied enough because you couldn’t put in enough content we wanted so badly will you allow us to do it ourselves like maps you never decided to make or game mode ideas that are new and never bought of will we Be able to mod the game for our own entertainment without the hassle from you guys the devs

    Number 10: Are we getting some sort of roadmap to see how the games progressing?now I could go on for more things like customization and rubber banding and the pay to win aspect and ohh man Are we getting that clone wars dlc but I’m assuming you guys already know how much of what, we really want and understand it’s really in your hands not to **** this up but are we getting a roadmap or something more than little peeks of what could happen and all these little speculations like people want something to look forward to or to see a plan rather than base all their beliefs and hope and hype on a little tease of what they think is going to be amazing then get shutdown because it wander what they thought it was like I don’t want spoilers to what the dlc will bring but i want to see at least some kind of goal or game plan set to see that’s at so and so date we will be expecting this getting fixed it really helps the player keep playing the game and have hopes of it being better than it is

    I really love Star Wars and I really love this game so far however their things I want to see that i didn’t get to see but I believe you guys can fix it up
  • Also when will the deathtrooper have their skin or armor with the headset of the left side, looks weird without it?
  • 1. Let's face it, everyone's dying to hear about what's to come in the next season! When can we expect to hear anything regarding what's to come, or maybe when a trailer could be teased?

    2. I personally really enjoyed some of the maps from SWBF1, could we see different variations of galactic assault on maps such as hoth, endor and tatooine using the same map layouts from SWBF1?

    3. Something that i would love to see is more single player content. Is there a possibility of different campaigns telling different stories that are yet to happen on screen and that could tie into the films? (also that are not linked to iden versio and inferno squad at all, something fresh)

    4. When playing in a starfighter on galactic assault, i get annoyed when people just go round and round in circles trying to evade you (hopefully other people feel this way). Can there be something put in place to stop this? Mainly so when you are in starfighters, the gameplay is a lot smoother and way more fun!

    5. Can we see more emotes, skins and victory poses for classes and heroes?

    Just to express my opinion about the game, i think it's amazing! i'm loving the suspense of not knowing what's next for content, thanks guys! :smiley:
  • can we expect to have the Last Jedi sound track implemented in the game at any point? its one of my favorites and I would really love to have it the game. :)
  • Can we expect a vast overhaul of the progression system or simply a few tweaks?
  • I am wondering if we will get a Geonosis map as well as other things such as emperor Palpatine getting a lightsaber somehow, larger scale battles, more clone wars vehicles as well as more planets to discover?
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