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Star Wars Battlefront II - Community 1:1 - Updated with Dev responses



  • Can we please support co-op parties in arcade mode? Just allow all modes from arcade to support co-op at least up to 4 players.
    • How Frequently will we be getting seasons? When is the next season coming out?
    • What are the odds and if possible how soon could we get a Galactic Assault mode?
    • Any changes to the progression system coming in the near future?

    That's all I can think of right now. Keep up the great work!
  • There is a want for a Rebels themed season DICE! Most would agree that the clone wars should come first as that is the majorities fan favorite era, regarding the Battlefront series at least. However, if you guys ever decided to do an OT season, please consider Rebels! It would be a dream come true for I and many other fans of both the game and show to be able to play as characters from our favorite tv show, just like how TCW fans want. Especially with the show wrapping up in the coming months, it would be a great time to do one. Nonetheless, thank you for making a very fun game and I look forward to the games future!
  • I dont know if it's been asked yet but , what is the possibility of getting an ability to select maps or possibly be able to vote on what map we'd like to play.

    I say this because I personally dislike certain maps (very few) compared to some others.

    And more specifically in reference to Mos Eisley at night, which I like probably more than any others however let me explain,

    if someone simply wants to experience a new map there is an issue here, and a good red flag for the future map releases.

    Prime example being, I personally play every day quite often considering circumstances have put me in a position where that's about all I have to do.

    Let's say I play roughly at least 5-7 hours a day everyday and have been well before and after the release of the night variant of Mos Eisley, and that's a minimal estimate to be sure.

    Within that amount of gameplay I have personally been able to play the night variant 2 separate occasions total, that's it.

    I've had a lot of occasions where I join somewhere during the map rotation and then have an unexpected disconnect from server and then end up re joining a new server at a complete different position in the rotation.

    If I don't have any unexpected problems and manage to make it to Mos Eisley than I'm like "Yay I get to play it!!"


    9/10 times that I've actually made it to Mos Eisley in the rotation it ends up being the daytime variant.

    For future reference let's take a moment to step back and consider this fact when taking into account that new maps will ultimately be released and we will then be stuck in the exact same predicament.

    I for one have found this to be one of the more displeasing aspects of the game in it's current state.

  • Is there a possibility of more Empire era dlcs, even though there is already so much content for it? Primarily for planets. In Battlefront 2015 the dlc maps for Bespin and Scarif were my favorites, and I would love to see their return.
  • 1.Are you going to further expand the campaign in upcoming DLC/Seasons?

    Btw plz give me Mygeeto!!! Im loving the game.
  • TheManStork
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    Is it possible Galen Marek and General Kota will be added as heroes later on maybe even Mara Jade Skywalker , Kyle Katarn, Desann and Tavion Axmis?
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  • 1.I know other community members have made comments on this already but what are the specific fixes that you guys are going to do end the AFK trolling.
    2. I know that you guys try to prioritize movie characters first but when can we see Ashoka in this game as she is a beloved character in the community that everyone wants to see and we know you guys do to.
    3. When can can we expect to hear about season 2. Everyone wants Clone Wars and I think by having a dlc from the prequel era will start to bring more people back into this game.
    4. If you guys add a 1v1 heroes vs villians mode will it have better lightsaber mechanics compared to you know the crash and smash heroes vs villians. You guys showed it off the trailers so why not put it in game.
    5. Can you guys bring the old dlc maps from the game especially Scarif. If you do bring back Scarif could you possibly add it with Jedha and updates looks for Krennic and Jyn?
    6. Add Obi Wan, Grevious,Dooku's and Anakin plz?

  • Trying to enter/ leave or spawn in takes way to much time. Is there a possibility you can shorten the time it takes to join and leave a game. Also is awful having to wait 10 seconds just to spawn in so PLEASE shorten or completely remove that!
  • Can we get some knights of the old republic era content along the line? Revan, darth bane, ect. It would really fun to play both sides and toss in a new mix into the game.
  • BIGGEST question is.....

    Will we have private servers?

    I am apart of clan AOD we have 200 members that play this game. Currently there is no real way for us to have fun and play against each other.

    I know in the last battlefront, private matches were added after launch. So I hope we will get private matching here in the near future.
  • My one and only question is this: How much longer do I have to wait before I can play as General Grievous!
  • Could there be an option to deactivate lightsabers for stealth and better gameplay???
    The Black Rider flung back his hood, and behold! he had a kingly crown; and yet upon no head visible was it set. The red fires shone between it and the mantled shoulders vast and dark. From a mouth unseen there came a deadly laughter.
    "Old fool!" he said. "Old fool! This is my hour. Do you not know Death when you see it? Die now and curse in vain!" And with that he lifted high his sword and flames ran down the blade.
  • Will we be seeing any kind of "Star Wars: Legends" content in Battlefront 2 or future games? It would be foolish not to utilize the old EU's massive universe to implement new gameplay mechanics and characters never seen before in any Star Wars game. It would also appeal to fans of the old EU and serve a purpose instead of unwisely being "decommissioned".
  • Hello there, is there any way that in the splitscreen modes the second profil can use their own starcards? Id really like to use mine instead of my friend's. And also maybe keep the controller settings? I have to change them everytime and it can get pretty tedious. One last question, are we gonna get more game modes in the custom arcade? That would be super fun. Great game btw. :smile:
  • Hi! I'd like to thank you for getting this Q&A started. My question(s) will center around heroes.

    1. How many heroes can we expect to be added in the run of this game, and will they be balanced based on era? I ask because I know I'm not alone in hoping we mainly get prequel heroes.

    2. My hope is that we get Padme at some point seeing as she's been neglected in every big game other than LEGO. Could we see her added sometime soon?
    So this is how Liberty dies, with thunderous applause


  • Will private matches be returning?
  • On Starkiller and tatooine players just spam speeders and run over people, it takes skill out of the game and ruins peoples experiences who are trying to complete the objectives. Do you guys think you can make changes where people can not just run other players over with speeders.
  • Will you be adding a Battle of Scarif map?
  • mh9c
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    Some players will NEVER earn enough Battle Points to be a Hero in Galactic Assault, why didn't you design the Hero process better? Is it your goal that only certain of your paying customers (the top-scoring ones) ever get to be a Hero in GA?
  • Can we earn crafting parts instead of credits for the duplicate cards that come out of loot crates?

    Are we going to receive more skins for our pre-existing heroes and villains? If so, when?

    Will you be adding GA(Skirmish) and SA to offline arcade? Will this eventually include all DLC maps?

    Is it possible to add an arcade mode that has Hero AI vs Villain / Hero vs Villain AI?

    Will we ever be able to fly that Naboo Starfighter in space?

    Would you ever consider adding some "legends" heroes or skins in game like Galen Marek/Starkiller or Darth Revan?

  • Hi SW EA Team, hope you can consider my input and suggestions!! :)

    1) Will you consider adding playable Droid Heroes to the mix?
    - R2D2
    - BB8 / BB9E
    - K2S0
    - IG88

    2) Add Porgs running around the Map randomly, if you shoot them.. they die and you earn +1 Battlepoints

    3) Increase the Armour on Starfighters, it feels like paper to me compared to BattleFront 1, so that there will be longer and sustained dogfights in the air

    4) Allow an Option or mod for Rey to wield Kylo Ren red lightsaber, which she used it in TLJ Snoke Throne Room

    5) Bring back the Red Emperor guards and add Snoke Praetorian guards armed with Vibroblades

    6) Consider adding Heroes and content from Knights of the Old Republic era

    7) Coruscant, Alderaan, Bespin, Dagobah, Jabba Palace as playable maps

    8) Introduce fights on a moving star ships, example when Star Destroyer boarded Princess Leia ship to secure the Death Star Plans

    9) Introduce back the Death Star space maps and objectives, Taking down the Walkers Hoth maps, from Battlefront 1

    10) Bring back Jyn Erso (and make her more powerful), DIrector Krennic and introduce more Rogue One characters in the game (Cassian, Saw, Churrit etc)

    11) Allow random Hero Pickups just like in Battlefront 1, the Top players are 'hogging' the Heroes at the moment and they compound their points with their powers. Also each time I earned the right to get the Hero.. THE GAME ENDS!! whattt?? :joy::joy: I mean I'm not an expert but neither am I a noob, im sure many will identify with me on this

    12) can we have Deathmatches in Rancors pitt in the game??

    13) Introduce Pod Racing as a game mode, I used to play Star Wars Racer online and it was really Fun!!

    Thanks for reading and May the Force be with you :)
  • So I spent a lot of time investing my precious resources into super charged sentry only to have it near useless. The same goes for many of the nerfs in the game. I almost quit entirely because of it. Now I'm just sitting on my resources cause I'm scared to invest in anything.

    1) Will you bring back my cool toys that you nerfed so I don't feel like you only take away instead of enhance?

    2) Will you just make other things better instead of degrading?

    3) Will you spend less attention on nerfing and more attention on ability activation bugs? (Vader has so many problems.)

    4) Can we get some bigger maps and modes for offline play customization like the old school (Legendary) Battlefront games?
  • Following up to my 2) Porg suggestion above

    Shooting Porgs running around the map not only gives you Battlefront Points but gives you Random prizes and power ups.... also if you got distracted hunting innocent Porgs just for the sake of hunting and you got shot and killed by the enemy in the process, then you deserve to DIE lol :)
  • oh yes please Add Mustafar map too with Vader Castle, and all the Volcanic good stuff!

    Obi Wan Kenobi too? and Qui Gon Jinn
  • Is there any offline content you are working on right now? Like for example bounty hunter missions of some sort or challenges with different heroes? And will we be getting private matches?
  • Has the issue of credits from duplicate cards not being paid out been looked at? I noticed it this past weekend (Jan. 20th). I am no longer being compensated for receiving duplicate cards when I open both the daily login crates and hero crates. Platform is PS4. The issue occurred whether I opened all crate items at once or individually.

  • Are private matches coming to Star Wars Battlefront 2? I would really love to capture some epic gameplay for my Cinematics YouTube channel but it’s kind’ve hard to do it in multiplayer...
  • ReaverT
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    One simple question:

    Will you adress the SA Endor map? I haven't seen Imperials Win on that map more than 2 times, and as a Rebel I've never lost. It's really frustrating having a perfect streak of victories in all the other maps and when it comes to this one, it's the free win for the defenders unless their team completelly ignores the imperials. Spawns for rebels, need to be looked at at phase 3 and mines shouldn't be so "covered" on the debris.

    Oh and BTW. When in GA you succesfully progress through a phase as an attacker, the ticket drain doesen't start untill the next set of objectives for the next phase has ben activated. In starfighter assault, attackers get tickets but theres a 30 second break in which the defenders can drain tickets and attackers can't do anything to compensate asside from trying to kill the enemy, but considering you can kill bots to drain tickets... I've seen teams get pass a phase with 140-130 tickets... only for the objective sto activate but with only 100 tickets remainning, how is that fair?
  • Can you do something about people constantly running in Heroes vs Villains? Quite frustrating constantly chasing people, to the point I don't even play Heroes anymore. Maybe put something like a 3 minute timer on whoever the target is, and if the target isn't killed in the allotted amount of time, new targets are assigned. Please save my favorite game mode!
  • Hello! Will we be getting new hero skins?
    I would love to see the Hoth outfits and the Endor outfits like Hans trench coat.

    Will we get modes where we can fight wampas or the rancor? Maybe even ewoks?

    Thanks! Love the game!
  • Welcome back sledgehammer.

    Just couple of Questions.

    1. Since added a feature option to have music playing all times. Is it possible to have the music of the hero play all the way when play as them ? Example play as Darth vader have imperial march playing.

    2. Yoda has good speed saber strikes. Not saying he needs to be bit faster but any word of that maybe ?

    3. I feel since patch before the last jedi. Darth maul. Doesn't feel as fluid with saber strikes moves. Is this something has changed ?

    4. Are youse looking into maybe having saber throwing character when saber locks on ? Like in first game.

    5. Will there be more Heros Emotes ?

    Thanks for reading when you do.
    "if You Only Knew The Power Of The Dark Side"~Darth Vader.
  • Hi @Sledgehammer70

    Many players including myself have not received credits for their duplicated star cards. I, myself, haven't purchased a crate for quite some time now and have around 260k credits saved up. This means that I haven't progressed in the game for three weeks now. I have two questions for you. Speaking to the EA support haven't exactly helped and what they've told me seems to be more based on speculations rather than actual facts.
    1. When can we expect this to be fixed? I understand that this might be a more complex issue, but a timeframe would still be appreciated.
    2. Are we getting compensated retroactively? If this is the case, I would just spend my credits now knowing that I'll get all my lost credits at a later date. But as I can't even know if this is the case, I won't risk spending my credits.

    Thank you!
  • Game modes should come 1st on agenda and large maps, when the community is loving the new revamped game then take skin requests and all the small stuff like extra heros etc...I hope you concure sledgehammer ?
  • Will we be getting a continuation of Battlefront 2 Resurrection because I really want to see how Zays story continues after her mother's death.I was also wondering if you guy have though of making maybe a campaign from the view of a Battle Droid?
  • 1.when will there be more arcade maps

    2.will they be longer arcade maps

    3.will there be better game modes in arcade map with atleast a better objective then just the first the kills all the other teams players maybe like take out the walker like Galactic assault objectives

    4.will there be a 20v20 option for team aracde mode

    5.will there maybe be new heros

    6.will there be more game modes for but offline and online content
  • When can we get a fix for the lag that's going on lately? Or is it cheating going on? Seems to always happen when I'm about to shoot someone, then BAM!, lag. Then I get shot. It's supremely frustrating. And can we get the challenges to update live? They always seem to be a match behind. Oh and matchmaking? Is that getting worked on? Thanks guys. Love the game!
  • 1.will there be AI heros in Aracde mode
  • May we please get an update on hero AI? Is it still being considered? Thanks.
    I am the same user as Elimelech401, that account was not tied to the game. I am hoping for more Skirmish with split screen and hero AI.
  • Will we have an option to give Palpatine a lightsaber? Or a new character Darth Sidious that have his lightsaber?
  • 1. What can we expect to see in terms of Hero and Villain changes (Kylo Frenzy being fixed, Phasma staff, Palpatine lightning through walls, Chewie nerf, Luke buff, few lightsaber heroes having their saber damage raised, etc)?
    2. Will there be more star cards coming for troopers, starships, and heroes?
    3. Will the current star cards that arent functioning be fixed or only some?
    4. Can we expect something in terms of better reward for winning in GA or HvV or some sort of noticeable benefit?
  • Vader5172
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    Will we be getting options to enjoy the game as we like? We be getting options to play with friends?

    It's now been nine and a half weeks since the release of EA's Star Wars Battlefront 2. I have played quite a bit of the game and enjoyed some of my time spent on it. As I anxiously wait for the next content announcement, I have been reading through lots of the endless speculation, criticism, and praise for this game. I felt there were some missed sentiments that I want to throw into the discussion.
    My biggest problem with the game, in its current form, is the lack of a Star Wars experience with friends. This is clichéd for sure, but relative to the classics, SWBF 2015 and SWBF 2017 have lost the ability to enjoy any maps, characters and vehicles in a form where you weren't killed constantly by some clan or pro player. I think the community's obsession with conquest is a bit misdirected. I don't think the game mode on its own would fill the void left by the new multiplayer-centric mindset. I think SWBF 2015 took criticism for this void in the form of demand for a single player campaign. Unfortunately, the single player campaign was not really what people played the classics for either. There is a sandbox like quality to the old galactic conquest that just cannot be recreated in an online shooter. It was an at-home, large-scale, star wars experience that you could play with friends. Conquest did this by providing an adventurous, co-op experience that was different every time. The enemies were smart enough to provide challenge at some levels, but also let players of varying skill enjoy the game without constantly dying and never getting to play as their favorites. This game has no experience like this. Want to enjoy a game dueling star wars characters? Go play HvV, but enjoy being spammed by flashbangs, shock abilities and pushed of edges. I think the online competition eliminates the ability to play for fun. There will always be a big fish in the room killing everyone else constantly, even without hackers. I understand that this is part of the demand for the shooting genre, but it is not all of it. Star Wars also changes the demand because many people are here for fun and adventure, not the competition.
    There are some changes that could reduce these issues in multiplayer, but I think they would be treating symptoms and not addressing the sources of the problems. Below are some changes on my wishlist. We will have to see if any come true.
    1. Have all of Arcade support parties and co-op
      Any mode that gets brought offline (supports bots) needs to also support friend participation. I can’t play with my brother and just do the very simplistic modes supported in arcade right now on PC. This should be extended up to a party in size. Me and several friends should be able to go have fun shooting rebel scum without having to try hard to not die constantly.
    2. Bringing all maps into arcade
      There is no reason we shouldn’t be able to enjoy the content we paid for with friends or at a relaxed pace. I think the Death Star and Bespin from 2015 were amazing and I was incredibly frustrated that I couldn’t just enjoy them.
    3. Bringing a symmetric, large scale game mode to arcade
      I 100% agree with the sentiment that maintaining all game modes offline is unfeasible. Having all human players gives much more freedom for game mode design and I am fine with that explanation. Doesn’t need to be conquest, it could be simpler like Supremacy. SWBF2 2017 needs that large-scale feeling without constantly seeing losing numbers, or having to play as offense exclusively for a whole match. This is offline so things don’t have to be tidy and timely.
    4. Playlists in Arcade
      More advanced than SWBF 2015 I would love to be able to craft playlists for private matches/arcade to select modes and maps to play with friends and bots.
    5. Bring starfighter assault into arcade
      Do it!
    6. Make the campaign 2-player co-op
      Aside from the beginning, Iden is almost always accompanied by companions. I think a lot of the criticisms of the story would be dropped if they tweaked enemy difficulty and added co-op support: Del, Shriv, Zay were huuuuge missed co-op opportunities.

    That's enough thoughts for now. I really love a lot of what this game brought to the table: all eras, classes, battle points, better starfighter game play and objectives and heroes-only modes. What was really missed with all the new toys and action figures was an enjoyable and flexible way to play.
  • Darkeng
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    Hi. I wanted to ask - any chances to see Z-95 or/and V-19 for Clone war era?
    And why Republic uses ARC-170 as base? Yes, it was in film, but it was MUCH stronger (for game balance, yes, but... still)
    And yes... Secont q. - Ane chances for DC-17m ICWS? It can be new-cool A-180!
  • Can we ever expect Darth Maul's brother Savage Opress to be in the game as a playable hero
  • Will T21 be weapon for assaults like stormtroopers have got it in canon?
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