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Community Transmission

The 3 heroes I need more than anything...o

Mace Windu! I want to see these graphics compliment his purple lightsaber.
2. Anakin Skywalker! He was mine and many others favorite character of the prequels. Besides that, he is literally THE main character of the saga... how is was he not in launch? (*cough* 'future dlc'... *cough*)
3. General Grevious! This four armed, lightsaber spining cyborg from space is a must have.

If this game is going to give us anything back in return for shamefully sacrificing GRAPHICS over GAMEPLAY, than we better see them in full use.


  • Obi wan would be in 4th place...

    All the people i have spoke to also metion these characters specifically as well. Please dont give us poe dameron or someone else noone even cares about or wants.
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