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How to check how many players are currently on in each server???

I'm honestly sick of getting placed in a lobby with 18-19 people remaining constantly. It's 8:38pm in Australia and you are telling me only 4-5 people are playing this game??

Add a link so we can server status, I need to know if this game is Dead as hell in AU or it's the algorithms are that garbage.

My guess is that the Algorithms are garbage for matchmaking. It's quite likely, whoever who was stupid enough to decide the rotation of Dark Side and Light side is more important than matchmaking balance was probably responsible for Algorithms too.

Dice you put hours and hours into Graphics and stabilizing of this game, dont let that go to waste and put a goddamn 5 minutes into matchmaking process. Be Transparent with your server status and don't be anyone in server with 15-20 people waiting ever again.

On extra note waiting for players is more frustrating ever, I rather be given a 20 minute que time than a **** sign saying waiting for 15 players...


  • There is no way of checking.
  • Hailmick
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    I'm in oz too a friend of mine said he had issues finding blast games on the ps4 I tried I had no issue the server popped me into a running game
    it would be nice to know though before hand
    could it be a location thing? I moved about 30ks from my old place and still see some of the SWBF2 players so I assume I'm playing at the same server location as before

    When I see 15 people needed I give it a min or so then I'll leave needing to populate a game with 15 peeps takes to long
    This game is a time hog

  • Right now i can't even get into a game.
  • fancyladypants
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    This is a problem that isn't being addressed. Sony had a sale and this game is 70% off. The player base has tanked. Here is a similar thread started today

    I'm experiencing the lack of games or unable to find games issue myself. Many of us are it seems. I've been seeing lots of these threads lately. They go away as people give up and move on to another game. The issue gets muddied further by those coming along in these threads with "I'm not experiencing this issue so there's no problem."

    It's not your settings, your router, your ISP, or anything else. This is either a complete lack of player base and/or a problem with matchmaking. Either way the great communicator's are deafening in their silence on this and many other matters that are completely breaking/broke this game.
  • grimmace2
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    Normally play on the OR server, checked my ping and it was listed as VA, couldn't find a game. Switched back to OR, got right in.
  • bfloo
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    I think it is matchmaking, but I would like to see the player populations like the last game had.

    That number being hidden and kept secret has been a concern since day 1.
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  • LeftTurnus
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    Being as how the game won't even tell you the actual server it has put you on (the ping server means nothing it seems), you are not going to get a player count either ...
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