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A few suggestions

1. Need a better system to report in game cheaters, Why does EA take no action against people making cheats for their games, ? Need something like punkbuster, I know there are good players but no amount of skill lets you shoot through walls or never miss.
2. Need to protect the spawn spots a little better, nothing worse than campers killing the team before they can even get into play.
3. Need to do something with heroes to many heroes on the winning team really demoralizes the losing team and just makes the game not fun I have been on both sides of the coin here. I see lots of abuse of certain heroes.
4. need a balance pass, I have played shooters for years and this one has the fastest TTK I have ever seen.
5. Pleas I hope you do ban cheaters they ruin and diminish your game, I paid for a game to play and have fun, dealing with the game issues and cheaters on top of that is not a good thing for longevity, I am huge Star Wars fan really trying to enjoy this game.
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