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Spawn time arrrrrggh!!!

I hate sand.....Sorry I mean the spawn time. What on Earth were the designers thinking? At times this game feels like it was made to milk the players for micro transactions, hence why the progression system is so frustratingly slow.

Please, please, please do something about the spawn time. I want instant partner respawn like SWBF1. Whoever designed this, take him/her out the back and beat them with a tiny, semi frozen kipper until they beg for forgiveness!


  • Yeah TF 2 had 10-30 second spawn times, and that makes sense as a balance/anti yoyo thing, but you can't do that on HUGE maps. Most games are GA or SA and they're big **** maps. Running in to battle is a lot of "spawn time" too. So you have to wait 10 seconds, then at LEAST another 20 before you see combat.

    And oversight among many, I think.
  • Nah get gud. Stop doing drugs that make you uneasy. IT'S 10 FREAKING SECONDS druggy! Go back to arcade mode 2015 or gitgud
  • HvV_pro
    449 posts Member
    edited February 2018
    The maps are designed this way otherwise you'll never see any progress without heros. #gitgud and stop trying to bring down other to your weak level
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