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Community idea to replace duplicate card rewards with crafting parts

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edited January 2018
Because at this point, it's just the exact same problem Black Ops 3. Use these in game currencies to get random boxes to be rewarded more for an endless cycle of not being able to get whatever you want. A lot of people are complaining about the high parts cost and yet don't actually give an idea to fix it, which really confuses me since it unfortunately just shows off the "All talk" mindset that really does not benefit the game OR the community in any possible way. If we got 10-15-20-30 parts for each rarity to be a decent amount so it's not a ridiculously broken feature but enough to make it possible to actually level your characters at a decent rate and actually want to open crates as much as possible and make you actually want to do well since doing well would be the only way to get credits. All in all, making crafting parts the reward for duplicate star cards from the crates would benefit everyone, especially in Heroes vs Villains since quitting will literally just waste your time and give you absolutely nothing and your team pays for your cowardice and rage.
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  • I agree!! Im very frustrated because all my opened crates have duplicate cards!
  • Muljo
    107 posts Member
  • I agree with the change, but I'm pretty sure petitions are against the rules, so maybe change the title to "who else wants them to give parts for duplicates?" Because I know a lot of people want this, and I'm pretty sure a fo when the whole mess went down that was one of the changes they said they were making.

    If that's a change coming it'd be nice if it was made clear because we haven't heard another word about it since they mentioned it, even though a ton of people have asked.

    I think this is probably the single most agreed on change that people are waiting for.
  • i agree ;)
  • Landeaux2
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    edited January 2018
    Suggestion: edit your title to replace the word “petition” with the word “request” or some other synonym because petitions aren’t allowed on the forum. They’ll probably close the thread if they see the word “petition” in the title; every now and then they edit it for you but I wouldn’t run the risk if I was you.
  • Title changed to Community Idea because apparently anything else is a horrible word worse than asterisks.
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