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Arc-170 missiles

So, I was playing a game and, finally, I was able to pick Darth Vader's Tie Advanced. As I started out, I noticed I was getting a missile lock and then boom, I died 5 seconds after spawning. An ARC-170 killed me with one shot missiles.

My question is: Are ARC-170 missiles that powerful or did I just get trolled by another one-shot hacker? I encountered two of them in GA yesterday.


  • It's possible you were hit by gunfire at the same time as the missile hit you, maybe from another player. I've experienced that, where a missile has hit me but the death credit has gone to a different player who happened to be shooting me from elsewhere at exactly the same time.
  • Neither, most likely. Sounds like you got spawn camped, got a few hits which you didn't (or couldn't) notice, and were finished off by said missile. Like most of the hero/villain ships, the TIE Advanced doesn't take much damage, so you can easily suffer what appears to be a OHK, but isn't one.
  • The TTK is very low in starfighter Assault. Yes it’s annoying.
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