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Potential Solution to Future Trooper Heroes

So I’ve seen A LOT of people request heroes like Captain Rex, Cody, Fives, Thrawn, Hux etc and I may have a solution to get them all in without crowding up the hero list. It may not be super popular with fans that really want these guys fully hero scripted, emoted, and unique to choose, but this could be a compromise that might work for everyone.

They could all be different skins to a new reinforcement called a Commander. Each faction would have their own take on the unit of course, but it’d essentially be like a super officer. This unit could help boost a big push, give major damage reduction, designate a target for focus fire, or something along those lines. I’d like to think this unit would be considered a minor hero on the battlefront. It could start with a default skin and and you could unlock more through crates/challenges. And if someone already has a Commander in the field with your selected skin you would be reassigned a random skin or given the default one to avoid having multiple Fives for instance.

Republic: Clone Commander
CIS: Tactical Droid
Empire: Admiral/Moff
Rebellion: Fleet Captain
First Order: Admiral
Resistance: Fleet Captain

I think that this may be the best middle ground to get a lot of minor heroes with less screen time into the game for everyone to enjoy. That being said I’d still really like for Rex or Cody to make it in at some point as a fully fledged hero, but not before my dudes Grievous and Kenobi.

Thanks I hope this will be considered!
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