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OG Heroes Vs Villains needs to return

This current iteration of Heroes versus Villains in Battlefront 2 isn't that good, but it isn't bad either.
I can have my moments with this hero blast esque mode, but it has problems.
I don't get the same sense of tactical gameplay as I did back in the old Dice Battlefront.
There isn't really any real strategy or value in teamwork, people just run in to their deaths until they respawn 10 seconds later.
You can basically just die all you want if your not the target without any real punishment other than weighing your team down. I also don't like how players can get split up easily and respawn at the other side of the map & they'd never be able to regroup because they keep getting ganged up on.

The old HvV wasn't all that great either because of the clunky controls compared to this new game, but there were actual tactics involved, true strategy.
The whole Hero survival with a Search and Destroy base line really appealed to me and kept me involved with the mode for hundreds of hours because of how fun each match was.
Having only 1 life for my hero made for some really tense back and forth matches, desperately trying to not die as it'd potentially cost me the round, it gave meaning to your life as a hero & it kept me at the edge of my seat, planning my next move and how I'd adjust to unexpected situations.
You're 1 life as a hero made it worth something & thus made every single round significantly intense.
Every match had a different outcome of how it would play out with the adventurous map layouts and diverse hero strategies / roles.

Now that I got that explained all of that, here's how I'd make the old fashioned round based hero combat from the last game fit into Battlefront 2's core gameplay
It would still have that tactical approach it had in the last game, but with a few adjustments to make it flow better into this game. It would remain largely the same, but also fresh and new at the same time thanks to Battlefront 2's excellent core gameplay.
  • First I'd like if this current version of HvV was called Hero Blast, Hero Death match, or Hero Assault, because that's what that mode actually feels like. I feel as though it's trying to be hero blast, but has the iconic heroes vs villains name tag slapped onto it just for the sake of having that cool intro dialogue for the Jabba's Palace droid announcer.
    If this happens & the old round based HvV were to come back, then it should take it's epic name back with it into this game.
  • The prerequisites to win the entire match would be best of 7 instead of 5 & if each round lasted 4 minutes.
    This is to make the overall match much longer and satisfying for players, as sometimes matches would end quite quickly in the last game and you'd move onto the next map.
  • Instead of having a mix of players be infantry and be fodder for the hero players to push around, it's now 6 vs 6 HERO ONLY gameplay.
    All of my friends disliked being a soldier and basically being powerless against the heroes, I did too, I came to the mode not to play as soldiers but to actually be an iconic hero for the whole match.
    I believe this may have contributed to Hero blast being so anticipated in the last game, because you could last the whole match as a hero and not have to switch to being a soldier.
  • If you die you're sent to a death screen that lets you spectate your team until the round is over.
  • Everyone gets 300+ extra health compared to their normal health values they'd normally have in GA and HvV. Meaning Leia would have 950 base health in this mode in comparison to her normal base health of 650.
    Hero health power ups would spawn throughout the map, granting 350 HP to your base health.

    Instead of the normal power up symbol like in the last game, it should be the Inferno Squad logo on the power up.
    Or maybe the power up could be a floating Bacta pack like the one from that Star Wars Bounty Hunter game, if you played it then you probably know that they work very similarly to the hero health pickups from the last game.
    Make it at the very least something that resembles a form of healing in the star wars universe & not some generic video game power up like the last game.

⦗Here's some more cool stuff that isn't really necessary, but it would make the mode's overall Star Wars atmosphere in a climactic situation of light vs dark all the more compelling.⦘

At the start of the match everyone will select their hero and a cut scene (much like the one found in this games current HvV) would follow straight after everyone locked in their favorite hero. Every other round straight after will cut straight into the action with no cutscene, as to not slow it down and keep it's pace.

Each era has there own unique announcer, for the clone wars it would be Commander Tach / Wullf Yularen (the clone announcer in this game) and the Super tactical droid General Kalani, Hux / Canady and Poe / Vice Admiral Holdo for the ST, and lastly Tarkin and Mon Mothma for the OT.

Just as an example for what the announcer could say, Tach would say cool stuff like "Alright listen up, our Jedi Generals have selected you and only you because you are the best, the last of what remains of the Separatist has been tracked down and located to this area, you've gotta stick together, and wipe them out one by one, good luck, and may the force be with us all."

The announcers would go on to say which player died each round, and will acknowledge if you are the last player left to kill on your team or the enemy's team.

Remastering HvV like this to fit into this game would be awesome.
I would really like the old HvV to come back, and even if none of my ideas make it into the mode (if it comes back) I'll just be glad we actually have it.
⦗ XBOX GT: EIusive DJ⦘~ "The Knights of Gareth are eternal..." ✔
\⧹If you happen to have ANY ideas for any hero you desire to have in Battlefront 2, Let me know in a DM!⧸/
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