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Who let Hasbro make canon content?

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edited January 2018
So they let Hasbro make a canon storm trooper variant and guess what this is what they came up with.


Just a red storm trooper. Just called the Crimson Storm trooper. Its part of the Black series of "Toys" which are supposed to be higher quality or something. Idk.

Description - Crimson Stormtroopers were Imperial stormtroopers specially trained to operate in the heat of volcanic areas.

I am all for dumb stuff like Kenner once trying to make a double decker star destroyer canon. But just coloring a storm trooper red and not changing anything else about the design. I get a toy maker would want to reuse molds as much as possible.

The Other problem is the existence of this a long side the Magma Trooper. Both of these now serve the exact same purpose to operate on volcanic worlds.

So Dice when is this going to be a skin? Its canon. You cant deny a bunch of red storm troopers running around.
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