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SWBFII Known Issues

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Our team is working hard to bring adjustments and balance to many aspects of the game. We're aware of some critical bugs and much smaller issues and want to get these resolved as soon as possible. The list below is not a full bug list, but primary issues that have been reported that our team is working to resolve. I am not able to promise or provide specific details on when they will be addressed, but the team is looking into these reports and many more.

If new items crop up we will add to this list and as items are resolved we will remove them from this list.
  • Master of The Force Star Card: Doesn’t do the extra 50 damage to a Heavy -
  • Missing Credits: In some instances, duplicate Star Cards do not give credits -
  • Darth Vader Choke allows players to still run while being choked -
  • Round skipped during CTF on Strike mode -
  • PS4 Pro HDR Issues -
  • Barrage resets weapons crosshairs to default when using improved zoom. -
  • Endor Galactic Assault – The AT-AT incorrectly has friendly fire turned on when shooting the hangar gates
  • Darth Maul’s SABER THROW ability does not always hit its target
  • Decals aren’t properly applied to the terrain on Crait
  • Legs may clip when characters are rotating
  • Headshot scoring event isn't tracked in the event log
  • The XP bars are not animating at the end of a match
  • Darth Maul Fool Me Once card does not always work properly -
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