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I have now become part of the problem.

I just recently bought the game and now have helped to assure years of wallet wrenching tactics.

Now, my review. I have played mostly Herod so will on briefly cover the rest of the game.

I like the class system but it lacks a healer and pilot class. ( Not that a pilot would be any use without a fighter to climb into. (clears throat)
Not being able to choose a map is a big disapointmant and apparently there is no walker assault. ( Insert loot box joke)

Now Hero's, Just as BF 1. BF 2 hero's does not fail to disappoint. First the line up. 8 hero's on either side with most carried over from the first BF and some locked. :disappointed:
Furthermore, a free to play progression system with multiple currencies and overly complex menu's to navigate cu-pulled with staggeringly slow load times make the brief moments of fun game play distant oasis not to be bothered with for more than an hour or so a day without looking towards the thrill of paint drying.

I'm glad I waited and bought the game on sale but still am sad to see yet again this company strive for greatness only to fall backwards many steps each inched forward. The game looks and sounds incredible but as far as Hero's . The locking of hero's, the lackluster roster among other things leaves us wishing for what could have been
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