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Another Lobby, Another Hacker

Encountered 3 in the past hour.

#1: Han Solo hacker in HvV. He was on my team in the next game as...Boba Fett. Seems you can't aimbot with a lightsaber. First time I've seen Boba Fett rock the whole enemy team solo.

#2: Shut down the entire enemy team on Hoth in the first wave. Thought we were doing good. Looked at the leaderboard and the chat. Seems that we just had a hacker on our team.

#3: Joined a team at Maz's Castle. Started the game, got to the first point with my first dude, got two kills and died. Looked at the scoreboard. Someone racked up 20 kills already in 30 seconds. Quit the game.

This game is broken. Seems that EA lied to us about additional anti-cheat protection. Fairfight is all we have and it sucks.


  • It's pretty clear they don't care.
  • Tyresiax wrote: »
    It's pretty clear they don't care.

    I have another theory. I think they're unable to detect the cheaters.

    I don't know which is more pathetic though.

  • Why is it such a simple thing on games like Fortnite but for some reasons EA can’t get their act together?

    My son is huge on Fornite on the PC and I asked him about cheating. In his view he doesn’t see it going on which really makes me wonder....
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