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No Match for a Good Blaster

Known Issues: missing big ones

In the new known issues thread, it's missing a couple big ones:
-"The broken ability bug": upon spawning, often times abilities do not work properly. Upon this bug taking effect, ability icons don't show recharge time, any the change visuals or audio don't do so (infiltration, vanguard), thermal binoculars don't show enemies, and zooming in or out with dual zoom causes you to melee and pulls you out of the ADS view. This is probably the biggest gameplay bug currently and is hugely debilitating. This was introduced in the last January patch.
-Melee not working: possibly only for specialists, not sure, but very often occurs after using infiltration or sometimes binoculars. You are no longer able to melee people until you die/respawn. This has been here since release unfortunately and is gamebreaking four specialists.
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