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Forest of Endor

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Hello Heroes!

It's a top priority for us to provide you with a superb forum experience when you're taking a break from adventuring in a galaxy far, far away. This post will feature all forum changes we've made for you, with the most recent changes available at the top of this post.
We've made changes to the Star Wars Battlefront II forum structure. You can expect less clicking and and an easier time finding what you're looking for. Here's what's changed:

Star Wars Battlefront II
  • News and Announcements and Game Updates boards have been merged and renamed to Announcements and Game Updates
  • Battlefront II Moments and Battlefront II Tips & Tricks boards have been merged and renamed to Community Events & Creations
  • Single Player and Multiplayer boards have been merged and renamed to Gameplay Discussion
  • Individual Feedback boards have been merged and renamed to Feedback & Suggestions
  • We've removed child-categories (General Community, Feedback). All available discussion boards are now displayed and reachable directly from the forum front page.

Star Wars Battlefront I
  • Battlefront II Game Information board has been removed as we've loosened posting restrictions. If you only own Battlefront I, you can now post on all forum boards, including those for Battlefront II. You'll still need to login with your EA account that owns either game to participate in discussion.

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See you on the Battlefront!

Updated, August 5, 2018
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