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⦗Grand Admiral Thrawn / Hero Concept⦘

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This is based almost 100% on the current canon, I have no idea what goes on in the legends books & I know very little of the expanded universe continuity for him.
I think Grand Admiral Thrawn would be a pretty cool character to have in the game, I devised a few possible abilities he could have to the best of my ability if he were to be a hero in Star Wars Battlefront 2.
He could quite possibly make it in the game as the first supportive villain, next to Krennic.


Thrawn: Grand Admiral Thrawn is a one of a kind villain, unlike many other imperial commanders, Thrawn see's the bigger picture.
He is strong Chiss commander with striking blue skin, red eyes, and an angular face, determined by his will to serve the emperor and to "Pull the rebels apart piece by piece."
Mainly known for his brilliant capability to coldy dissect Rebel operations and methodically devising brilliant counterstrategies which make him truly unstoppable.
He believes that by knowing your enemy you can defeat them. He advocates really deeply to understanding them, by studying their philosophy, art, and culture to understand their psychology, he ends up 3 steps ahead of his opponents in the process.

Base Health: 600
Health Regen: 200
Unique Melee: Thrawn's Melee attacks deal 85 damage.
His melee attack's are a mixture of fast and cool punches and kicks, to show his unprecedented skill as a martial artist. Each attack transitions to the next with pure fluidity, and precision.
The attacks are about as fast as Boba's Unique Flame thrower melee ability.

Primary Weapon: RK-3 Blaster pistol / It performs / sounds the exact same way as the regular RK-3 Blaster the Officer wields in the multiplayer. Except it’s given a damage boost of 40 per shot, instead of the usual 34. Head shots deal 77 damage to opponents.
When Thrawn aims down the sights of this weapon, he holds one of his arms behind his back, just to further add on to his character as a gentlemanly tactician.

These are star cards that don't require the activation of an ability to be effective.
(The brackets below the descriptions represent all 4 star card tiers in the game.)
⦗Passive Star Cards⦘

Maintain Order: If Thrawn kills an enemy with his blaster, it will be impervious to overheating for a set time.
[1.50 / 2 / 2.50 / 3 seconds of Infinite cooling]

Skilled Commander: If Thrawn kills 3 opponent's with his Melee, the recharge time of his other abilities will permanently decrease.
[5% / 10% / 20% / 25% Decreased Recharge time]

SIGNATURE ABILITY (L1+R1/LB+RB) / 30s CD / ⦗LEGENDARY STRATEGIST⦘: Thrawn, the most cunning of the fleet officers, uses his strategic expertise to boost the morale of his soldiers. Buffing his allies around him within a 15m AOE support ability for a total of 12 seconds.
When activated, it grants Thrawn, and every other ally near him, a 25% damage increase, 40% damage reduction, and shorter ability recharge time's, along with 75 extra health added to the base health bar.
This ability act's identical to Finn's big deal ability, I tried to make it somewhat original to the best of my ability & to match Thrawn's prowess as a formidable commander in the canon.

⦗Star Cards⦘
Art of War: LEGENDARY STRATEGIST now grant's extra armor to Thrawn & his allies when it is activated.
[25 / 40 / 50 / 75 Extra temporary Health]

Formidable Opponent: Thrawn's damage output for his Allies and himself is increased when LEGENDARY STRATEGIST is active.
[2% / 5% / 8% / 10%]

Superior intellect: If Thrawn hits an opponent with a head shot while this ability is active, it will extend the duration of LEGENDARY STRATEGIST while it's active.
[7% / 10% / 13% / 17% Extended duration]

Determined leader: If Thrawn has 3 or more allies within the ability, the recharge time to the next LEGENDARY STRATEGIST will be reduced.
[10 / 20 / 25 / 30% Decreased recharge time]

Grand Admirals Command: If Thrawn has 2 or more allies within the AOE buff circle of the ability, it's radius will increase.
[8% / 16% / 24% / 30% Range increase]

ABILITY (L1/LB) / 18s CD / ⦗TACTICAL PRECISION⦘: Thrawn activates a switch that energizes his RK-3 blaster pistol to fire laser bolts into highly concentrated & accurate bolts of plasma to decimates his foes. Dealing a very high amount of damage for 4 seconds.
The Blaster fires about as fast as the S-5 Officer pistol, and does 80 damage per-shot. Head shots do 145 damage.

⦗Star Cards⦘
Ruthless Capability: TACTICAL PRECISION now grants a faster fire rate.
[10% / 14% / 19% / 26% Faster firing speed]

High Velocity Rounds: Thrawn put's explosive rounds into his blaster, allowing him to shoot highly volatile laser bolts.
[2% / 3% / 5% / 7% Increased splash damage area of effect]

ABILITY (R1/RB) / 25s CD / ⦗CALCULATIVE LEADER⦘: Thrawn uses his superior intellect to know the exact whereabouts of each enemy that is near him. He has thoroughly studied his opponents, He now knows & can anticipate all of their tricks.

This ability acts as a sort of wall hack and an AOE Debuff for the enemies at the exact same time.
He can spot enemies through walls for himself and his team.
The Radius for the 'see through walls' portion of the ability overall is about 30 meters. Enemies that are spotted while the ability is active are highlighted with a red color, similar to Rey's wall hack in the battlefront 2 Alpha, except instead of a blue color it's red.
Just sort of symbolize the infamous infrared Chiss Sight a little bit.
(Yeah I know infrared isn't entirely red chill out)

The ability also causes every single enemy to have increased star card charge up times, as long as they're all within a 20 meter radius.The ability recharge time for the enemy has been increased by 25%.

⦗Star Cards⦘
Observant Sight: The overall radius for CALCULATIVE LEADER is increased.
[5% / 10% / 12% / 15% Increased Radius.]

Art Critic: If 2 or more enemies are within the the AOE debuff circle of CALCULATIVE LEADER, then the ability recharge time is increased for all enemies within the radius.
[2% / 4% / 6% / 8% Increased recharge time]

Here’s some emotes Thrawn could have:
“To defeat your enemy you must know them.”
“I will pull the rebels apart piece by piece.”
“They will be the architects of their own destruction”
“What Jedi devilry is this!?”

Possible Skins:

If Thrawn were to be in an HvV match, I'd want THIS to be his introduction pose! Or at least implemented somehow.
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