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still getting Kashyyk 75% of the time

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edited February 2018
I only play this game every 2 days or so now, because of any new content taking longer than the 2nd coming.

But everytime i hop on it is always Kashyyk. I only stick around for deathstar but the lobby is always dead. So quit to find another lobby and yup, KASHYYK.

I can't remember the last time i played Naboo tbh


  • yep
    I close the game and restart
    Ace speeder pilot. playa from day 1 when shift was real
  • Maybe try staying in the lobby and it wont happen as often? if it even happens "75%" of the time lmao
  • My theory as to why Kashyyyk comes up a lot when people first join is because it's the map after Crait in the rotation and personally once i've played Crait i take a break for a bit cos that the one i was waiting for. If a lot of other people do this then there we be more space on that server when Kashyyyk begins, but that's just a theory.
  • I wish I'd get Kashyyyk 75% of the time... I just get bloody starkiller base or tatooine all the time...
  • That's odd. I haven't had Kashyyyk in a week. For me, it has been tatooine, starkiller, jakku and endor almost every single game. 3 of those are my least favorite maps too. :neutral:
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